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Billionaires are often known for their lavish purchases which are beyond the reach of the common manvarying from islands to crazy trips and opulent modes of transportation. When it comes to transportation, they put their riches in yachts, private jets, helicopters and so on.  

All this they do for easy travel, which is why it is no surprise that late billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft Corp, Paul Allen owned a luxurious Super Yacht which is now currently up for sale.  

The 414-foot superyacht called Octopus is up for sale in the market for $326 million (N118 billion). The yacht, which was built in 2003, was regarded as the world’s largest yacht at the time. This is not so anymore as many billionaires currently have bigger yachts than Octopus in terms of length.  

This billionaire’s yacht is up for sale for $326 Million 

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The Octopus features a classy exterior design with a recording studio, private entertaining lounge with a full bar, Jacuzzi and dining area, as well as a dedicated elevator.  

Octopus can accommodate 26 guests in 13 cabins, many of which are suites. During parties, the vessel can accommodate hundreds of people temporarily while the guests get to enjoy a library, movie theatre, gym, observation lounge, a complete dive centre and a basketball court 

What you should know: Allen, before his death, was the 44th wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes 2018 list of billionaires with a net worth of $20 billion. He had a company called Vulcan Inc. and was known to acquire sports teams, real estate firms, art and even invested in startups 

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Although Allen had no spouse or children to inherit his empire, his sister, Jody Allen being one of the company’s chairs, is there to do so. He died of cancer at the age of 65 in 2018. 

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