Adebayo Alonge, a Nigerian pharmacist, CEO and founder of RxAll has emerged the winner of 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, organised by BNP  HB. 

Alonge defeated 4,500 contenders from 119 nations across the globe to become the winner with his invention – nano-scanners that detect fake drugs. He is the first-ever African to win this contest. 

Alonge’s motivation: Alonge founded his company, RxAll in 2017 based on an experience that almost took his life in the past. 15 years ago, he had taken a fake drug that almost killed him. Due to the high rate of influx of fake drugs in the market, he decided to develop a platform that can help with authenticating drugs.  

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Alonge won the €100K Prize for inventing the handheld nano-scanners that detect fake drugs in real-time. It’s called the RxScanner, the World’s First Drug Authenticator. 

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More about RxAll: RxAll is a digital platform that enables anyone to test the quality of their drugs using a proprietary IoT nano scanner and mobile app. The machine reads the scan from the IoT nano scanner, identifies the drug and assesses its level of quality. Afterwards, it records the test result and returns the quality report to the mobile app in 20 seconds. 

Alonge’s background: Alonge had his secondary school education at King’s College Lagos before going on to study Pharmacy at the University of Ibadan. He also went on to bag a business degree from Yale, thereby making him a certified market development professional.  

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What you should knowHello Tomorrow was created in 2013 by deepTech entrepreneurs, Xavier Duportet and Arnaud De La Tour. It is known as the world’s best deepTech conference for scientists, technologists and their enablers. Every year, scientists and entrepreneurs all over the globe come together to contest for equity-free prize money as well as other funding opportunities and global visibility. 


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