The situation in the country is hard, and as the middle-class grows, the number of emigrants from Nigeria increases in tandem. Many of these emigrants seek greener pasture in foreign countries, but their hearts are still with their motherland. This is evident from their desire to maintain ties and make investments back home.

Exchange rate margins and availability of jobs overseas means these emigrants can save and send money back home to family members to invest on their behalf. The most popular kind of investment from this category of people is real estate and automobile trading.

The Risk of Investing Back Home

Nigerians abroad have been known to invest blindly, putting their trust and hard-earned money in the hands of a family member or “trusted” friend. However, as the saying goes, trust everyone but do not trust the devil in them. Oftentimes, investors fall prey to the shenanigans of these “trusted” persons who milk them for all they are worth, giving no real value in return. is set to change this ugly pattern with the integration of global payments on the platform. Nigerians in the diaspora can now pay for their investments on using cards denominated in the local currency of the country where they live. They gain instant access to a variety of investment opportunities and can monitor their investments in real-time; no intermediary required.

Investing in Assets other than Real Estate

Contrary to what many Nigerians abroad believe, there are investments other than real estate that yield viable returns. With the advent of fin-tech applications that grant easy access to treasury bills, stocks, and agri-finance, people willing to invest back home now have many investment options to choose from.

How It Works

Taking advantage of this opportunity is straightforward, and you can complete your first investment in 5 minutes. First, sign up on and add any of the listed products to your cart.

Business day

Upon checkout, you are directed to a secure gateway (powered by Flutterwave – a global payments processing company) where you type in your card details and complete the checkout process. The payment process is encrypted with a proprietary fraud system to protect your card information.

What Cards or Currencies are Supported?

Investors can make global payments on using any of these cards and currencies:

  • Mastercard
  • Verve
  • Visa
  • Dollars
  • Pounds
  • Euros, and more.



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