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Planning a wedding can be expensive, especially when you think about the typical Nigerian wedding we have today. It is, however, important to cut your coat according to your cloth when planning your wedding in order not to incur serious debt or “je gbese” as it is said in Yoruba. Remember if you incur unnecessary expenses to please your friends and family, they will not be there after the wedding to see you struggle.

This is why Nairametrics has decided to give you tips to help you organise a low budget wedding.

  • Avoid inviting so many guests: This is the very first step in ensuring that you don’t overshoot your budget. This is because the number of guests you invite determines the food, drinks and the likes that will be shared on your day. The higher the number of guests, the higher the expenses that will be incurred. To save as much as you can, try to invite people you are really close to. Also, entry into the reception venue should be strictly by invitation. This will curb the number of uninvited guests to the programme.

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  • Wedding attires: Buying a new wedding gown for the bride can be very expensive compared to renting one. Hence, it is advisable to rent the wedding gown and buy bridesmaid dresses at discount rates. The groom and groomsmen outfits can be sewn by a tailor at a cheap rate instead of buying a new pair of suits. Another thing is the bride’s hair and makeup. Thanks to wigs, the bride doesn’t have to go to the hairstylist since she can put on her wig herself. And as for the makeup, she can do it herself or look for a relative or a friend to help out in order to save cost.

  • Venues: Renting a wedding hall or a building for the reception can be very expensive. This is why it is better to use your church, home or just go outdoors. Many churches allow couples to use their premises for the reception after the church service, all you may need to do is to rent canopies and chairs. However, if you are going the outdoor route, it is important to have a backup plan in case rain falls.
  • Invitation card: Printing invitation cards shouldn’t be the utmost priority in a low budget wedding. Since you would be inviting only close family and friends, printing fancy invitation cards is unnecessary. Instead of printing invitation cards, you can send bulk SMS or emails and make phone calls to invite them.
  • Go for a DJ rather than a live band: Hiring live bands is more expensive than hiring a DJ, so it’s better to go for a DJ with an affordable rate. This will no doubt help to ensure you stay within your stipulated budget.

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it is important to start to plan early and walk through items on your checklist step by step to avoid rush hour or last-minute stress. The above-outlined tips can guide you to plan your wedding on a low budget.


Good luck and congratulations.

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