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Red Star Express Plc, a logistics and cargo generating company, has increased its business service for the aviation industry. Red Star announced that the cargo General Sales Agent services will be added to its portfolio.

The addition of General Sales Agent is in line with the company’s move to expand its services in Nigeria and across West Africa, the company’s Group Managing Director, Dr Olusola Obabori said.

The new business venture will help aviation companies with easy cargo transportation, by consolidating them into a whole.

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Olabori said cargo consolidation is part of the company’s growth platform for the financial year. The company wants to connect passengers’ baggage and packages from one airport location to another; albeit at a faster rate.

FedEx and Red Star Express
FedEx is Red Star Express’ international partner (Source: Paedia Express)

This move is expected to reduce cargo transportation cost, as consolidation enables shippers to pay in bulk rates since it’s being moved at the same period into one shipping container rather than making multiple shipments from different companies.

Red Star says it is in talks with several airline operators and have already commenced partnership with Aero Contractors. Obabori also stated that ongoing discussions with other airlines will soon result in business operation.

To connect local and domestic cargo, He said the company has opened offices in Niger Republic, Burkina Faso, and Benin Republic, all of which are in West Africa. The company’s international business is principally done on the FedEx platform.

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“We are a company focused on growth and part of our growth platform for the financial year is to work to a large extent with airlines on cargo consolidation, both locally and internationally. With this in mind, we commenced a partnership with Aero Contractors and we have ongoing discussions with other airlines, which, of course, will start soon in the course of the business.

“We are aggressive in terms of expansion, and this is the reason we started operations in some West Africa offices few months ago, some of which are Niger Republic, Burkina Faso and Benin Republic. If we have to expand, we have to be able to connect shipments from Lagos to these countries.


“Our international business is principally done on the FedEx platform and we have Red Star Freight that does major cargo movement from here to the rest of the world and brings in cargo into Nigeria.”

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According to Obabori, there are plans to open more offices in West Africa in order to cater to the need in the aviation industry in Nigeria and across international markets.


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