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Nigeria’s leading investment banking group, Lead Capital Plc, has launched a new mutual fund titled Lead Balanced Fund (IBF).

Here’s what will interest you about IBF: The Lead Balanced Fund is an Open-Ended Fund authorised and registered in Nigeria as a Unit Trust Scheme under Section 160 of the Investment and Securities Act No. 29, 2007. It comprises of 5,000,000 units of N100.00 each.

The Fund is governed by a trust deed, and United Capital Trustees Limited has been appointed as Trustees. The Units of the Fund will be issued on a continuous basis to new subscribers at the prevailing offer price after the initial offering.

IBF’s Investment Objectives: The Fund seeks to achieve capital appreciation, by holding long term positions in different asset classes and providing regular income streams for unitholders. The also fund focuses on value investing, by holding long term equity positions in viable blue chip companies that are attractively priced and listed on the NSE.

In addition, the fund invests in high quality fixed income securities such as Treasury Bills, Bonds, and other short term instruments, thereby reducing the overall volatility of the investment portfolio and offering investors competitive returns.


IBF’s Investment Incentives: The Lead Balanced Fund is an investment vehicle suitable for investors with moderate to high-risk appetite. It offers the following benefits to subscribers:

a.    Diversification: Investors seeking to maintain a certain return-risk profile in their investment portfolio have the opportunity to invest in the Balanced Fund, which invests in a wide array of assets with diverse risk levels and returns potentials. This is expected to provide some level of stability as against holding an investment in a single asset class.

b.    Capital Appreciation: The Fund seeks to take long term positions in quality securities, which have track records and strong potentials for value appreciation and return for investors. These positions will be monitored in accordance with the Fund’s policy to ensure that its objectives are been achieved.

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c.    Liquidity: Investors can easily redeem (either in full or in part) their unit holding in the Fund at any given period. This will be done in accordance with the provisions in the Trust Deed.

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d.    Income: The Fund is structured to distribute dividends to subscribers annually from the net income earned for each financial year, as approved by the Investment Committee and in line with the provisions of the Trust Deed.

e.    Professional Fund Management: The Fund is managed by a team of experienced portfolio managers, who have in-depth knowledge of the investment environment and are committed to the effective administration of the Fund. The Investment Committee is set up to provide necessary guidance on the administration of the Fund and oversee the investment selection process, supported by robust research.


Asset Allocation:



Asset Class

Asset Allocation Range (%)

Target      Weighting (%)




10 – 60



Treasury Bills/other money market securities

20 – 70




0 – 20




0 – 5



While the application list for this Fund was opened on Friday, April 5, 2019, the application list will be closed on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Click the links below to download:

  1. The Offer Prospectus
  2. The Subscription Form

Subscription Method:
You can subscribe to this fund through the following steps:
1. Download and complete the LBF Subscription Form below.
2. Pay the subscription amount to the below-designated bank.
3. Scan and send a copy of the completed form with payment evidence (Transfer details/Deposit Slip) to assetmanagement@leadcapitalng.com
4. The Customer Service unit will contact you within 2hrs to confirm receipt of your form and payment.

Offer proceed bank accounts

Below  N10million

Above 10Million

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Bank: Access Bank Plc
Name: Lead Asset Management Limited Name: Lead Balanced Fund Offer Proceed
Account: 0004526622 Account: 0801626311
Sort code: 044150291


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