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Why entrepreneurs should speak out more about their failures


The founding partner of Ventures Platform, Kola Aina, recently took to his Twitter page to shed light on the need for entrepreneurs to speak more openly about their failures just the same way they talk about their success.

According to a Twitter thread posted by the entrepreneur, he said it can actually be therapeutic for entrepreneurs if can be able to freely talk about their failures without being “penalised”.

Reasons for his post

Mr Aina went on to narrate how sad he was when he overheard a lady on the radio speaking about how she got penalised by her bank and her friends for failing in her startup business.

He said this made him reflect on his own experiences; how he went from disappointments/failure to success within a space of a week.

Take things as they come and remain strong 

He also added that the ability to be dynamic and resilient is one thing he is so grateful for.

He pointed out that many entrepreneurs have so many scars and people should never be fooled by the hype that comes with entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Stay happy regardless 

He further added that in the course of being an entrepreneur, one will learn that true validation and joy come from outside work and career’s ups and down.



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