prices of major goods
  • Relative differences in the prices of major goods across the four (4) markets. 
  • The markets surveyed include: Mushin Market, Daleko Market, Oyingbo Market, and Mile 12. 
  • A few food items recorded the same prices in all markets. 
  • Mushin recorded the highest prices of foodstuff. 
  • 50kg Bag of rice had an average price of N11,081.25 

The Nairametrics’ Food Price Watch is a bi-weekly household market survey with emphasis laid on four (4) major markets in Lagos State: Mushin Market, Daleko Market, Oyingbo Market, and Mile 12.  

Prices of food items are gathered by our research team from the listed markets which are collated according to their brands and units. This survey is aimed at notifying consumers on the prices of various household items in different markets within their reach. 


Relative differences in priceMost food items recorded slight differences in their prices. For example; 50kg bag of rice (Royal stallion) which has an average price of N13,825, recorded N14,000 in Mushin Market, N13,500 in Daleko Market, N14,000 in Oyingbo Market, and N13,800 in Mile 12 Market. 

Also, 120g carton of noodles (Indomie) with an average price of N3,037.5, went for N3,100 at Mushin Market, Daleko Market for N3,000, Oyingbo Market for N3,000 and Mile 12 for N3,050. 

Same prices: Just a few food items like Carton of noodles (minimie), 500g packet of pasta (Dangote), 5 litres local gallon of palm oil, 5 litres gallon of vegetable oil, 500g/900g Dano powdered milk, 52g Top tea and Gas refilling both 12.5kg and 5kg recorded the same prices in all four markets surveyed. 

Markets with the highest prices of foodstuffData collated showed that Mushin Market recorded the highest prices for foodstuff. Could it then be said that food items are best purchased at the other markets?  

Arguably not! A consumer living at Mushin cannot commute to Oyingbo or Mile 12 just because the prices at which goods are sold there is expensive. This is because transportation costs would come into the mix, at the end of which it would make no economic sense to do so.

However, from the viewpoint of a wholesaler (Bulk trader), it might make a whole lot of sense. The transportation cost would eventually be recovered. 

Special Market: Some food items were not found in all the markets surveyed. As a matter of fact, only Mile 12 had all the goods surveyed. Items such as different baskets of potatoes and different baskets of tomatoes were only found in Mile 12.

12 market is known mainly for this. On a normal day, Lagos residents (no matter their location) would usually go to Mile 12 as early as possible to get goods in bulk and at cheap rates.  

See table below:

ItemBrandUnitSelected Markets Prices (5/4/2019)    
Bag of RiceBasmati5kg5000550050005166.6666666667
Bag of RiceMama Gold10kg35003000370030003300
Bag of RiceRoyal Stallion50Kg1400013500140001380013825
Bag of RiceRice Master10kg35003000300030003125
Bag of RiceMama Gold50kg1450013500140001350013875
Bag of RiceCaprice50kg1400013000135001350013500
Bag of RiceFalcon25kg68006500680068006725
Bag of RiceOfada5kg48004500420042004425
Bag of BeansOloyin50kg16700170001650016733.333333333
Bag of BeansWhite50kg29500298002900029433.333333333
Bag of BeansBrown50kg32500324003200032300
Tuber of YamAbuja1 Big Size Tuber1000800950900912.5
Tuber of YamAbuja1 Medium Size Tuber480350400450420
Carton of NoodlesIndomie120g31003000300030503037.5
Carton of NoodlesIndomie70g18001800175018001787.5
Carton of NoodlesChikki100g22002200220022002200
Carton of NoodlesMinimie70g15001500150015001500
Carton of NoodlesGolden Penny70g14001400140014501412.5
Bag of GarriIjebu80kg78007500650075007325
Bag of GarriWhite50kg75007500500075006875
Bag of GarriYellow50kg75007500550075007000
Basket of PotatoSweetBig Basket95009500
Basket of PotatosweetSmall Basket50005000
Basket of PotatoIrishBig Basket1200012000
Basket of PotatoIrishMedium Basket60006000
Basket of PotatoIrishSmall Basket20002000
Packet of PastaGolden Penny500g200180200200195
Packet of PastaDangote500g200200200200200
Packet of PastaPower500g200170180183.33333333333
Packet of PastaBonita500g170200200200192.5
Gallon of Palm OilLocal5 Litres25002500250025002500
Gallon of Palm OilLocal20 Litres65006000650060006250
Gallon of Palm OilLocal30 Litres1070010000100001050010300
Gallon of Vegetable OilLocal5 Litres25002500250025002500
Gallon of Vegetable OilLocal20 Litres64006500650068006550
Gallon of Vegetable OilLocal30 Litres1150011000110001150011250
Gallon of Vegetable OilKings5 Litres35003300340035003425
Gallon of Vegetable OilWesson5 Litres40004000420040004050
Gallon of Vegetable OilMamador3.8 Litres28002750290028002812.5
Gallon of Vegetable OilPower3 Litres20002000220020002050
Basket of TomatoOval Shaped1 Small Basket25002500
Basket of TomatoRound Shaped1 Small Basket25002500
Bunch of PlaintainPlaintain1 Big Bunch22001700170020001900
Bag of FlourDangote50kg105001100010750
Bag of FlourHoney well50Kg110001100011000
Bag of FlourMama Gold50kg115001100011250
Bag of SugarDangote50kg320032003200
MilkPeak Powdered (Tin)400g11501200125012001200
Milkpeak Powdered(Tin)900g23502400250024002412.5
MilkPeak milk (Refill)500g950100010001000987.5
MilkDano Powdered (Tin)500g10001000100010001000
MilkDano Powdered(Tin)900g20002000200020002000
MilkDano (Refill)500g800700800750762.5
MilkThreeCrown (Refill)380g700650700650675
MilkLoya Powdered (Tin)400g10501000100010001012.5
MilkLoya (Refill) 400g800800800850812.5
MilkCoast (Refill)500g750700725
Cocoa BeveragesMilo (Tin)500g10501000110011001062.5
Cocoa BeveragesMilo (Tin)900g21002100200020002050
Cocoa BeveragesMilo Refill500g900800850850850
Cocoa BeveragesBournvita Refill500g800950950950912.5
Cocoa BeveragesBournvita (Plastic)500g10001000110011001050
Cocoa BeveragesBournvita (Plastic)900g20002000200020002000
Cocoa BeveragesOvaltine Refill500g800800800850812.5
Cocoa BeveragesOvaltine(Plastic)500g11001100100011001075
CoffeeNescafe Gold Blend100g18001850180018001812.5
CoffeeNescafe Classic 50g650600600600612.5
TeaLipton Yellow label 52g300280300300295
TeaTop tea52g300300300300300
SugarSt' Loius Sugar(Cube) 500g300280380300315
SugarGolden Penny Sugar (cube)500g350300350300325
BreadVal-U1 loaf300300
BreadButterfield1 loaf300300
MagarineBlue Band450g500500
Baby MilkSMA Gold500g30003000
Baby MilkNAN500g21002100
Bottled Water (Refill)CwayRefill500500
Juice5 Alive1 litre300300
JuiceChivita1 litre300300
TomatoesBig Basket80008000
Medium Basket45004500
Small Basket





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