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As audited accounts start to trickle in, companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective boards of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect the dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affects share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Date Announced – The date the company announced dividends evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the NSE.
Qualification date – Shareholders who own shares as at this date will receive dividends. If you buy shares and want to receive dividends make sure it is at least three days before this date. Shares get transferred to you on the basis of the T+3 rule (the date you bought plus 3 working days).
Payment date – This is when the dividend will be paid to you, either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).
Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares listed in their register before this date will be paid dividend.

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CompanyDPSDate AnnouncedBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment DateQualification date
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc15 Kobo13th February 2018Nil19th - 23rd February 20188th March 20189th March 2018
Nigeria Energy Sector FundN10213th February 2018Nil19th - 23rd February 2018N/A23rd February 2018
Nigerian Breweries PlcN3.13 (Final)13th February 2018Nil7th - 13th March 201820th April 201823Ô_April 20186th March 2018
Transcorp Hotel12.45 Kobo21st Februay 2018Nil7th March 201816th March, 201819th March 2018
Total Nig. PlcN14.0026th February 2018Nil19thÔ_- 23rdÔ_March 201821st June 201822ndÔ_June 201816th March 2018
Africa Prudential PlcN0.4026th February 2018Nil13thÔ_- 19thÔ_March 201827thÔ_March 201827thÔ_March 201812th March 2018
United Capital PlcN0.358th March 2018Nil9th - 15th March 201823rd March 201828th March 20188th March 2018
Nestle Nig PlcN27.508th March 2018Nil7th - 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 20184th May 2018
Medview AirlineN0.038th March 2018Nil21st - 27th March 201828th March 20183rd April 201820th Marc 2018
Nascon Allied Industries PlcN1.5012th March 2018Nil20thÔ_- 23rdÔ_April 20183rdÔ_May 20188thÔ_May 201819th April 2018
Zenith Bank PlcN2.4512th March 2018Nil4thÔ_- 9thÔ_April 201813thÔ_April 201813thÔ_April 20183rd April 2018
Dangote CementN10.5020th March 2018Nil16th April - 20th April 201820th June 201821st June 201813th April 2018
McNichols Consolidated PlcN0.0321st March 2018Nil20thÔ_- 23rdÔ_March 201819th April 201824th April 201819th March 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN2.4021st March 2018Nil28th March 201810th April 201810th April 201827th March 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PlcN0.5021st March 2018Nil29th March-5th April 201819th June 201820th June 201828th March 2018
Julius Berger Nig. PlcN1.0021st March 2018Nil4th-6th June 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Custodian and Allied Insurance Company LtdN0.3222nd March 2018NilApril 12 - 17th 201824th April 201824th April 201811-Apr-18
GSK PlcN7.522nd March 2018Nil24th April - 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 201823rd April 2018
Access Bank PlcN0.4021st March 2018Nil13th April - 18th April 201825th April 201825th April 201812th April 2018
Cadbury PlcN0.1622nd March 2018Nil11th June - 15th June 20186th July 20189th July 2018N/A
Okomu Oil PlcN3.0022nd March 2018Nil15th to 18th May 201813th June 201825th June 201815th May 2018
United Bank for AfricaN0.6523rd March 2018Nil10th April 201823rd April 201823rd April 20189th April 2018
MRS Oil PlcNil26th March 20181 for every 52nd July - 6th July 20181st August 2018N/A28th June 2018
Newrest ASLN0.1826th March 2018Nil12th June - 15th June 201826th June 201827th June 201811th June 2018
CAP PlcN2.0526th March 2018Nil28th May - 1st June 201813th June 201814th June 201825th May 2018
Axa MansardN0.0628th March 2018Nil24th April 201810th May 201810th May 201823rd April 2018
11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nig. )N8.0029th March 2018Nil28th May - June 1st 201828th June 20182nd July 201825th May 2018
Pharma-Deko PlcN0.0529th March 2018Nil7th - 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 20184th May 2018
Transcorp Nig. PlcN0.0229th March 2018Nil18th - 24th April 201830th April 20182nd May 201817th April 2018
Dangote Sugar Refinery PlcN1.2529th March 2018Nil16th - 20th April 201821st June 201822nd June 201813th April 2018
BOC Gases Nig. PlcN0.2029th March 2018Nil4th - 11th June 201828th June 201828th June 20181st June 2018
Berger Paints Nig. PlcN0.5029th March 2018Nil7th - 11th May 20187th June 20188th June 201811th May 2018
Capital Hotels PlcN0.0529th March 2018Nil11th - 15th June 201827th June 20184th July 20188th June 2018
Eterna PlcN0.4029th March 2018Nil24th - 28th May 201819th June 201820th June 201823rd May 2018
UAC of Nigeria PlcN0.6531st March 2018Nil15th - 18th May 201820th June 201821st June 201814th May 2018
Dangote Flour Mills PlcN0.203rd April 2018Nil23rd - 27th April 201822nd June 201827th June 201820th April 2018
FCMB Group PlcN0.104th April 2018Nil13th - 19th April 201827th April 201830th April 201812th April 2018
Caverton Offshore Support Group PlcN0.155th April 2018Nil26th April 20188th May 20188th May 201825th April 2018
Beta Glass PlcN1.076th April 2018Nil18th - 22nd June 20185th July 20186th July 201815th June 2018
Aiico Insurance PlcN0.056th April 2018Nil21st - 23rd May 201824th May 201825th May 2018May 18th 2018
Lafarge Africa PlcN1.509th April 2018Nil23rd - 27th April 201816th May 201816th May 201827th April 2018
Unilever Nig PlcN0.509th April 2018Nil16th - 20th April 2018N/A11th May 201813th April 2018
Rak Unity Petroleum Company PlcN0.109th April 2018Nil23rd - 27th July 201816th August 201816th August 201820th July 2018
Regency Alliance InsuranceN0.0313th April 2018Nil30th April - 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 201827th May 2018
NAHCO Aviance PlcN0.2513th April 2018Nil3rd - 5th July 201820th July 201820th July 20182nd July 2018
Sterling Bank PlcN0.0216th April 2018Nil30th April - 4th May 201817th May 201817th May 201827th April 2018
Presco PlcN2.0016th April 2018Nil9th - 13th July 201825th July 201826th July 20186th July 2018
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc8.50 Kobo19th April 2018Nil13th - 17th August 201821st September 201824th September 2018N/A
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PlcN0.0220th April 2018Nil7th - 11th May 201822nd May 201822nd May 20184th May 2018
FBN Holdings PlcN0.2525th April 2018Nil7th - 11th May 201815th May 201816th May 20184th May 2018
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PlcN0.0226th April 2018Nil10th - 17th May 201824th May 201830th May 20189th May 2018
Law Union & Rock Insurance PlcN0.0426th April 2018Nil27th April - 2nd May 20183rd May 20185th May 201826th April 2018
NPF Microfinance Bank PlcN0.1727th April 2018Nil4th - 8th June 201828th June 201828th June 20181st June 2018
Fidelity Bank PlcN0.1130th April 2018Nil14th -18th May 201825th May 201825th May 201811th May 2018
CAP Plc205 kobo2nd May 2018Nil28th May - June 1st 2018June 18th 201819th June 201825th May 2018
Omoluabi Mortgage Bank plcN0.012nd May 2018Nil21st - 25th May 201826th July 20181st August 201819th May 2018
Lasaco Assurance PlcN0.043rd May 2018Nil4th - 8th June 201821st June 20185th July 20181st June 2018
NEM Insurance PlcN0.1014th May 2018Nil4th - 8th June 201820th June 201820th June 20181st June 2018
Mutual Benefits Assurance PlcN0.0216th May 2018Nil14th - 20th June 201827th June 201828th June 201813th June 2018
Conoil Plc200 kobo5th June 2018Nil18th - 22nd June 201813th July 201823rd July 201814th June 2018
Cement Company of Nigeria PlcN1.2514th June 2018Nil19th - 22nd June 201826th July 201827th July 201814th June 2018
Learn Africa PlcN0.1429th June 2018Nil9th - 13th July 201830th August 201831st August 20186th July 2018
Flour Mills of Nigeria PlcN1.002nd July 2018Nil6th - 10th August 201830th August 20183rd September 20183rd August 2018
Honeywell Flour Mills PlcN0.063rd July 2018Nil10th - 14th September 201820th September 201821st September 20187th September 2018
University Press PlcN0.153rd July 2018Nil3rd - 7th September 201827th September 201827th September 201831st August 2018
Linkage Assurance PlcN0.0518th July 2018Nil14th - 21st August 201828th August 20183rd September 201813th August 2018
Custodian Investment Plc (Interim)N0.1026th July 2018Nil20th - 24th August 2018Nil6th September 201817th August 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Interim)N0.309th August 2018Nil16th August 2018Nil30th August 201815th August 2018
UPDC Real Estate Investment TrustN0.1915th August 2018Nil27th - 31st August 2018Nil31st August 201824th August 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc (Interim)N1.0016th August 2018Nil29th August - September 4th 2018Nil26th September 201828th August 2018
Zenith Bank Plc (Interim)N0.3017th August 2018Nil20th August 2018Nil29th August 201817th August 2018
Union Homes Real Estate Investment TrustN0.7520th August 2018Nil5th September 2018Nil21st September 2018Nil
Fidson HealthCare PlcN0.2028th August 2018Nil3rd - 7th September 201925th September 201826th September 201831st August 2018
Access Bank Plc (Interim)N0.2529th August 2018Nil7th September 2018Nil21st September 20186th September 2018
Guinness Nigeria PlcN1.8430th August 2018Nil24th - 28th September 201824th October 201825th October 201821st September 2018
United Bank for Africa Plc (Interim)N0.2031st August 2018Nil12th September 2018Nil17th September 201811th September 2018
PZ Cussons Nigeria PlcN0.154th September 2018Nil24th September - 4th October 201818th October 201819th October 20184th October 2018
SIAML Pension ETF 40N2.55Nil24th September 2018N/A25th September 2018
Stanbic IBTC ETF 30N2.73Nil24th September 2018N/A25th September 2018
UPDC Real Estate Investment TrustN0.3123rd October 2018Nil8th - 12th November 2018N/A16th November 20187th November 2018
Total Nigeria PlcN3.0025th Ocotber 2018Nil26th - 30th November 2018N/A10th December 201823rd November 2018
Nigerian Breweries PlcN0.6025th Ocotber 2018Nil23rd - 28th November 2018N/A10th December 201822nd November 2018
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Company Plc$0.0530th October 2018Nil14th November 2018N/A6th December 201813th November 2018
Nestle Nig PlcN20.0030th October 2018Nil26th - 30th November 2018N/A10th December 201823rd November 2018
Prestige Assurance PlcNil13th November 201841 for 10028th November - 5th December 2018N/AN/A27th November 2018
ValuAlliance FundN13.0019th November 2018Nil11th December 201813th December 201820th December 201810th December 2018
Neimeth Pharmaceuticals Int'lNil18th December 20181 for 1018th - 23rd January 20196th February 2019N/A17th January 2019
Vitafoam Nig. PlcN0.25k31st December 20181 for 518th - 22nd February 20197th March 20198th March 201915th February 2019
SIAML Pension ETF 40N1.17Nil25th January 2019N/A28TH January 2019
Mewrest ASL NIG Plc20kNil29th April - 3rd May 201916th May 201917th May 2019
Transcorp Hotel15k15th February 2019Nil28th February - 1 March 201915th March 201919th March 201927th February 2019
Nigerian Breweries PlcN1.83K18th February 2019Nil7th - 13th March 201917th May 201920th May 20196th March 2019
Transnational Corp. of Nig. Plc3k18th February 2019Nil1st - 5th March 201915th March 201919th March 201928th February 2019
Zenith Bank PlcN2.5019th February 2019Nil11th - 15th March 201918th March 201918th March 20198th March 2019
United Capital Plc30kobo21st February 2019Nil14th - 20th March 201928th March 20192nd April 201913th March 2019
Africa Prudential PlcN0.50k26th February 2019Nil14th - 20th March 201926th March 201926th March 201913th March 2019
Dangote CementN16.0028th February 2019Nil4th - 10th June 201917th June 201918th June 20193rd June 2019
McNichols Consolidated PlcN0.05k1st March 2019Nil9th - 15th April 201916th April 201926th April 20198th April 2019
Nestle Nig PlcN38.50k4th March 2019Nil13th - 17th May 201928th May 201929th May 201910th May 2019
Seplat Petroleum Dev. Company PlcUS$0.056th March 2019Nil21st March 201916th May 201923rd May 201920th March 2019
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN2.456th March 2019Nil9th April 201918th April 201918th April 20198th April 2019
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PlcN1.50k7th March 2019Nil21st March 201919th June 201920th June 201920th March 2019
Access Bank PlcN0.25k14th March 2019Nil12th April 201925th April 201925th April 201911th April 2019
UBA OlcN0.6515th March 2019Nil3rd - 9th April 201923rd April 201923rd April 20192nd April 2019


  1. I’m a shareholder in the former ASHAKA CEMENT that has been delisted from the Nigerian Stock Market. Till date, I don’t know the situation about my holdings. Please, can someone tell me what I need to know about former ASHAKA CEMENT shareholders? Thanks upfront.

  2. Some companies like Equity assurance , Japaul etc play on the intelligence of investors by keeping their shares away from them .
    The SEC can assist investing share holders by sanctioning the erring companies .
    There are occasions when they publicly lavish investors hard earned money on frivolities of valueless personal cores .
    It’s better not to be listed than be listed to cheat investors . What they do are quite open to the public

  3. I bought some first bank shares about 2003, due to change of location I haven’t received any divident since.
    How do I go about it.
    I went to the bank today to fill the e-divident form but was told that was for going forward.
    How can I get my unclaimed dividents.

  4. Please the authority should check what is going on with Diamond Bank since 7-8years I bought their shares l have not received ten kobo as devedend but when you visit any of their branches you see customers full everywhere yet the manegment are not giving us anything as per devedend at the end of the year

  5. Are their media provided to report registrars who refused to pay divided to shareholders even after they have mandated their shares and confirmed accounts in respective banks

  6. Thanks for your insight analysis.

    please which stocks is /are advisable to buy now and resell before end of 2018?

  7. What is the different between closure of register date and date of qualification? Because I bought shares after qualification date but with the closure of register and I don’t know if I will get dividend.

    • Since you purchased your shares during closure dates, you won’t get dividend. The difference between closure date and qualification date is that, only the names that appears in the register of the registrar as at the end of business day on the qualification date will receive dividend, where as the closure date is a period when the registrar will not alter it’s books.

  8. Please i need clarification of when someone is qualified for dividend. Qualification date of Caverton share is 25 April 2018. If i sell my holdings on 23 April 2018 , will i be qualified for dividend. On the other hand, If i buy new shares on 23 April 2018 and the qualification date is 25 April, 2018, will the new shares be qualified for dividend.

    • Thank you. Your response is helpful. But I need clarification on whether or not you still need to go and register again for E-dividend after you have like 10 companies already paying you e-dividend to your bank. Because my name still appears under unregistered shareholders for e-dividend under one company, meanwhile I have been receiving direct dividend for many companies through my bank since last year.

  9. Has these companies









    declare divident for 2017?

  10. What is delaying fidelity Bank, First Bank and Union bank from declaring their financial year 2017 reports/dividend.

  11. Pls kindly help, my edividend mandate form for ETI has been approved but GTL-Registrars said they can’t pay me in naira so my account can’t be credited. Advise me on what to do

    • To gain admission to an AGM, all you need is a verifiable form of ID. You will be given an admission tag once your name is confirmed on the shareholders registrar.

  12. Please may I know the reasons the listed stocks below are not tradable on the floor of the NSE. Since 8-years now, I gave mandate to my Stockbroker to sell them-off. Till date, they’re still dormant with no buyers. They are as follows:
    (1) Universal Insurance Company Plc
    (2) SCOA Nigeria Plc
    (3) Royal Exchange Assurance
    (4) AG Leventis Nigeria Plc.

    In the light of the above conundrum, could you please educate me how I could possibly sell them off, or what information (if any) you have about them. Are they delisted by CSCS?

    • SCOA, Royal Exchange, Universal insurance and AG Leventis are still trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, though volumes are typically low. You could ask your stockbroker to arrange an OTC sale if you are willing to to sell below the current market price. You can also divide your sale order into smaller portions.

  13. To attend an AGM meeting, what do I need to go with? And how would I know the venue? Where is the Venue for FCMB AGM Meeting?

    • To gain admission to an AGM, all you need is a verifiable form of ID. You will be given an admission tag once your name is confirmed on the shareholders registrar. FCMB AGM will be held at Shell Hall MUSON Centre, Onikan Lagos.

    • Do it through ur bank is faster, Diamondbnk, FCMB, Ecobank and Zenith bank is very fast. But for ZENITHBANK bank if u buy from secondary market u need to first get ur Investors no from the registrar.

  14. I still want to use this opportunity to say kudos to nairametrics. You guys are really doing good work. My knowledge of stock investment have tremendously transformed for good

  15. Good morning, Please I want clarification on my shares. I bought Transcop shares since 2007 and up till now I have not received any dividend on same. I want to know the procedure and what I need to do. Thank you.

  16. All I can just say is that Naira Metrics management is wonderful , Caring and will always be richly blessed n’y God.
    Thank you so much.

  17. Please, what has gone wrong with the Union bank PLC? For years now, they have not paid any dividends.

    Nigeria Breweries PLC paid their dividends on April 23. I have filled my e-dividend form with my GTbank. Up til now, I have not received any alert. What has happened?

  18. And again, a dividend of #3.13 was listed for Nigeria Breweries PLC but at the AGM, a dividend of #4.13 was announced. Which is correct?

  19. How can I trade stock on line buy myself. I heard it is possible now. Or where can I get the training

  20. On April 30, I asked two questions. I have not been attended to and those who asked questions on May 1, have been answered. Does it mean that my questions have no answer. I thought it ought to first come, first serve.

  21. Good morning to the entire crew of Nairametrics.com Indeed you are doing a great job. Please why did Lasaco have to remove their dividend information from NSE site? Was it not approved?

  22. Please update me with the dividends payment status of oando,skye bank, and first bank. Are they going to pay at all for the current year?

  23. Please update me with the dividends payment status of oando,skye bank, and first bank. Are they going to pay at all for the current year?

  24. Only first bank is going to pay 25kobo this year. The rest companies did not declared any dividends this year. L

  25. @KJ All delisted shares were paid N2 per share. The shares were also exchanged for LAFARGE AFRICA PLC share @ 202 ASHAKA SHARES for 57 LAFARGE SHARES. They have since paid a dividend of N1.50k per share for those with LAFARG.E AFRICA PLC shares for 2018.

    You can get in touch with the Registrars of LAFARGE AFRICA PLC (CARDINAL STONE REGISTRARS) for more details and what to do about your case. Good luck.

  26. If a compañy did not declare dividend does that means there will b no AGM meeting from such Company?

  27. No, it is mandatory for all companies to hold AGM of the shareholders once in a year whether or not the companies declare dividends .

  28. Your work is excellent for its education and information regarding stock trading. pis extend this to money market (TB,BOND ETC)

  29. Pls I need your help my father told me bought shares with lasco insurance has not gotten any dividend instead he is being told to pay his broker 120k every month which he refused to cause that wasn’t their previous agreement ,
    First thing I wish to know is:
    Does lasco company exist ?
    2 if yes what is your advice to my father ?
    Thanks I will be glad to here your reply sir

    • Yes. if you mean LASACO. it is an insurance company “LASACO Assurance Company”. Closed at 31k today. You do not pay a broker unless you buy or sell your stock and brokerage fee is much less than 2% of the total transaction. If broker is adamant, you can migrate your holding to another reliable broker.

  30. Good morning. Please update me with the dividend payment status of Lasaco Insurance. Is it still listed on the stock exchange? Nairametrics you guys are doing a great job. But why the silence on Lasaco. So many questions and no answers. Thanks

  31. You stopped updating Dividends Announced from 17/05/18, are you tired of it or overwhelmed by diminishing returns?
    Please wake up and start from where you dropped. Thanks

    • Hi Godwin,

      The last one updated was May 16th 2018 and there is no new one on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) website.

  32. Attention: Onome Ohwovoriole
    Union Bank PLC held its AGM on May 5, 2018. Did they declare any dividend or it was just business as usual of no dividends?

  33. Please I have done bankers confirmation over three times as demanded by cardinal stone registrars who their attendant costs. I even down loaded e-dividend mandate form and submitted to my bank, first bank. I again downloaded another, took to bank to sign and stamp, then scanned it along side national ID, utility bill, cscs processed form,etc and emailed to cardinal stone registrars, but till date I can’t receive my lafarge and fcmb dividends that have been said to be paid to shareholders. Why do regulatory authorities not look into such fraudulent acts of some registrars? Why can’t investors get their dividends? Agada Moses Egbodor from Calabar.

  34. Good day,
    I have issue with GTL Registrar, I have done my e dividend. NIBBS sent a text to me that it has been done, but up till now, GTL refused to pay my Glaxosmith dividend.for 2017(N7.50 per share) When i called them, they explained that the transaction failed.I have been on this issue for six(6) weeks, but since then they did ignore my calls and did not reply my mails.Nairametrics, please which regulatory body can i report to. It seems it was an intentional act by some of the registrar, to delay payment of dividend,What they do is that they trade with the unclaimed dividends. All these registrars should be sanctioned for these fraudulent acts.

    Please which regulatory can i report to?

  35. Please don’t accuse registrars, they will not eat your money. The problem could be your from your account details. Just visit SEC office and explain to them and they will help you

  36. How may investors get even initial money invested in starcomms plc, now that starcomms plc is delisted in Nigeria stock exchange.are the authorities not doing anything about it.

  37. Please can someone tell me what is happening to Forte Oil plc, the price is just crashing continueously.

  38. Has these companies







    declare divident for 2017?

  39. I paid for diamond bank and dangote floor mill shares since 2007 and till date I have not received my share certificate not to talk of demateriaizig it and I ve written the respective registras severally but to no avail. Pls advice me on what to do please

  40. Have been trying to sell my Dunlop shares. Sometimes it trades on the exchange but l don’t get to see a bid.

    • Good afternoon,

      Have you registered for e dividends? If not, please go to datamaxregistrars.com fill the e dividend form and submit.

  41. Good day, thanks for the knowledge u are impacting on Nigerians on stock. May Almighty Allah continue to elevate u. I want to ask if one or registrar can prevent stock broker u register with from tampering or selling one’s share. If it it possible, what is the procedure ?

  42. Conoil plc is suppose to pay their Dividend on the 23rd July, but today is 26th juJu no any information about crediting our Account. What is happening?

  43. Good morning, if one ask stockbroker to sell and and buy stock. If the stock broker sell and refuse to buy. What will somebody do or what is the nest action to take.

    • if your asset is not in your cscs account, it means it is still in certificate. meet your stockbroking firm to verify it through the registrar then it will be credit to your account in cscs. or you go to cscs office and demand for global search but you will pay for it tnx.

  44. Whats happening to this investment and allied assurance share i cannot even see it on the list again since more than 7yrs now no dividend no bonus and how am i sure if my capital is save again can someone throw more light to it pls

  45. I bought a share at first bank plc since 2007,l only got the dividend twice since then, that was 2008 and 2009.Since then, l couldn’t get any dividend. So this year l was told via the net that l should get e dividend form at any first bank branch, and l did that since May this year 2018.l have not received any information since then. Pls help me what else should l do

    • Hello Wale,

      Honeywell Flour Mills 6 kobo dividend qualification date is Sept 7th 2018.
      It’s closure date is 10th – 14th Sept 2018 as indicated on the table.

    • Dividend seasons are largely after the release of full year results anytime from February and half year results in August. Aside that, companies can decide to pay dividends at any time.

  46. Please can anybody tell me what is going on with GEO FLUIDS. They did private placement since 2008 and til date no word from them.

  47. Good day. Pls what is happening to Transcorp PLC? They haven’t given me any dividend since I bought shares from them, since 2007. I want to know what’s wrong. I completed e- dividend form from them, but up to now no information. Thanks.

  48. Good evening. Pls what is happening to Courtiville Investment Plc. They always make PAT but no dividend to appreciate their shareholders.

  49. Good evening. What is happening to STANDARD ALLIANCE INSURANCE PLC. I’ve never received any dividend since I bought their shares. Hope they’ll pay dividend this year?

  50. Please I want to know if pz has paid for 2018 divided.my father asked me to help him find out because he never see alert from First bank as he use to see.

  51. Good day. Dunlop has not been trading on the floor of Nigerian Stock Exchange since late 2018. What is happening and when are they going to commence trading this year? Also, they should bear in mind that their shareholders need dividend this year…

  52. Pls, what’s happening to Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc. I’ve not received any dividend since I bought their shares. They should do something about it.

  53. Please for a very long time I have not receive dividend and went to find out and discovered that they don’t dispatch dividend through post any more.and I was asked to open E-DIVIDEND account.my questions,when open it can I be able to claim all the dividend that have not be pay to me for very long time.

  54. What happen to Daar communication after is public offer nothing had been heard about them. Are not making gains ? As any of their station close down ? What is Sec doing about this ? It seem that they are playing politics with our money

  55. Please can I recover my SKYEBANK Share after it been successfully sold to a new buyer and how can I go about it, as in who can I contact to demand for recovery payment?

  56. I can assure you, there is great future with Oando. Just relax. You know they just finished paying back the huge loan they collected

  57. We’re expecting their 2018 financial result to hits the market in no distance time. It is only when their result is out that we can say any thing further concerning the company

  58. Please if the title is dividends announced in 2018, why are the dividends announced 2019 still being posted here. I expected those announced 2019 to be in a new post as has been the case in previous years.

  59. Good morning, please i need clarification on this, for buyng and selling of Shares, the percentage charges, is it per Share or the Total amount?

  60. my dad bought shares with fcmb in 2004 and now he is late while his document was destroyed at the recent crisis in Taraba so how do we get in touch or get information concerning his account and the share he bought HE’S NAME IS UDEH NICHOLAS

  61. Your dad ought to have verified the certificate since and have it inside CSCS system. Now that he is no more and the certificate is burnt hmmmm…… well if the units of his shares are much, you can visit FCMB registrar or SEC office to know the way forward. That is only if the units worth the stress

  62. Please how long does it take to register your shares with a stock broker. Its over a year now since i logged with a tock broker and my dangote cement shares havnt received any positive report.

  63. Pls Nairametrics, what is happening to Courtiville Business Solutions Plc. The company has announced their report but did not declare any dividend. The CEO of the company last year on an interview promised to pay dividend to their shareholders in 2019.

  64. Oando 2018 result is out but they did not declare any dividend or bonus though their result is ok. But due to their debt they couldn’t pay any dividend. Am sorry for that

    • In a stock split, the total number of issued shares are divided into two. This happens for example when the nominal value of the shares is split from N1 to N0.50, which is what is commonly used in Nigeria.
      In a bonus, additional shares are allotted to shareholders in a particular ratio.

  65. Please can the management of Jaiz bank give me update on my investment. I bought shares in Jaix International in 2004 and uptill now- that is 15 years after- no declaration of dividend.

  66. Please does it mean after doing
    business in a year and Oando will pay tax to government then no profit to give the share holder’s.Last year there’s a promise from Oando to pay dividend this year so are they still giving us story.


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