Billionaire Investor, George Soros has said that the strong dollar and the termination of the Iran Nuclear deal by the United States, is a major global threat to the European Union and to emerging markets like Nigeria.

George Soros
George Soros

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According to a Bloomberg report, Soros remarked that “We may be heading for another major financial crisis.”

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Soros opined that America’s withdrawal in the nuclear deal with Iran and President Trump’s decision to pull out of the transatlantic trade deal with the EU is “bound to have a negative effect on the European economy and cause other dislocations, including a devaluing of emerging-market currencies.”

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Business day

Why this matters

  • A stronger dollar has recently led to currency pressures in emerging markets like Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey.
  • The combination of higher interest rates and a strong dollar typically leads to capital flight, resulting in higher portfolio outflows out of the country.
  • Information from the Investor Exporter window suggests there is a $1 billion demand for forex outflows out of the country. This significant demand is said to be unnerving the CBN.
  • The CBN has also recently issued warnings to banks and the BDC to ensure forex supply is available to business and leisure travelers as we approach the summer.
  • This indicates the CBN is already bracing up for another round of forex hoarding.

Nigerians Stocks showing signs

  • Stocks are a bellwether for what is likely to take place in the economy and if we are to rely on latest trading sessions, the message is loud and clear.
  • The Nigerian Stock market has been experiencing a sell-off lately recording about 8 straight days of losses as the bears dominate trading sessions.
  • Nigerian Stocks are likely to close negative in May only the 4th time in over 30 years.
  • The last time stocks recorded these streak of losses was in March this year. If the latest losing streak is as a result of higher portfolio outflows then we might be in for a very long ride.

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