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Japaul has some ‘harsh’ words for the ‘negative press’ that crashed its share price



A Businessday article published last week cast doubts over the announced investments of Milost Global in Japaul Oil and Resort Savings and Loans. The Media Company quipped at the implausible nature of the deal as it could not reconcile the amount of money being lined up for investment in these companies with the actual equity issued or authorized.

The result was a massive sell-off of Japaul shares leading to over 50% drop last week and making it the worst performer. As expected, the folks at Japaul did not find this funny and have issued an official statement in reaction to the “negative press”. Japaul responded via their CEO, Paul Jegede.

See below;

Japaul Oil Chairman, Jegede Paul, stated, “We informed the Regulatory Authorities that we have signed Milost Equity Subscription Agreement (MESA 1) and Milost has not asked for any upfront fees from us until disbursement takes place, even the facilitation fees to Palewater who are advisers to the transaction is technically agreed to be paid when we start to drawdown on the facility despite agreement signed.

An escrow account agreement is being worked upon to trigger the drawdown on the facility. We don’t really know where the dailies got their variables that do not add up mathematically about Milost math. They should have watched and see what happens about the issue of performance. This Newspaper Article against Milost has been wrongly perceived by the investing public and this is terribly affecting our share price on the Stock Market.


This is simply sad. Milost currently holds no shares in Japaul as yet as we are awaiting regulatory approval, I just wonder how would it then be said that it is involved in a pumping and dump scheme in Japaul shares and the financing is provided in single tranches of between $1 to $5 million until our share price recovers. How will it reach high prices when we are receiving unfair reporting by one Nigerian media outlet that purports lies and in real fact is that we have opened our doors for the media to call us and verify facts before going to print.

The media needs us and we also need it and we can’t be seen fighting each other, after all we are all Nigerians. It’s sad because since the BusinessDay publication, our share price has plummeted over 100% and the news was misconstrued opinions that remain false and unfounded.”

Not to be left out, the folks at Femab Properties, another company hoping to benefit from the Milost funding also had something to say about the “negative press”

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Femab Properties CEO, Abiodun Aguda, stated, “This is the first time we have the opportunity to access funds that can truly support our business both from collateral perspective, financing structure and tenor. The MILOST funding structure truly allows growth and development which Nigerian businesses and Africa needs.

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The Press is therefore advised to seek for knowledge to properly understand the financing model of MILOST, speak with the beneficiaries directly and avoid misleading the teeming public through uninformed reporting.”

And yes, you guessed right, the Chairman of Resort Savings and Loans also chimed it at the rebuke of the Businessday article

Senator Sunday Fajinmi, Chairman of Resort Savings and Loans, stated, “It is sad to realise that a few grumbling, half educated individuals are against the recovery of Nigerian economy through resuscitation of dying businesses.  The publication is just a promotion of corruption in some aspects of yellow journalism in our country that has propagated the popular PHD syndrome.  Milost Global Inc. of USA has been verified to be a very credible investor in developing economies like Nigeria.  Their track record which speaks for itself, attest only to their credibility. Their understanding of peculiarity of developing economies in Private Equity financing is amazing when compared to others who are the paymasters of the journalist, the author of the fake news.  These enemies of progress should look for better work to do as the Nigeria economy needs more friendly and understanding finance engineering organisations like Milost Global Inc.  Be warned! as Nigeria belongs to all of us!” 

Even Primewater view had something to say too

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Primewaterview CEO, Harold Nzekwe, stated, “Primewaterview is stronger today because of the timely investment from Milost. Once you understand the structure of their financing you will realize that it is a win-win for all the parties. The Nigerian economy needs foreign direct investment from serious investors such as Milost in order for the economy to grow.”

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And what about Milost? Milost’s Managing Partner attempted to reassure the market;

Kim Freeman, Managing Partner & CEO of Milost, stated, “Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa that is growing rapidly and Milost wants to be instrumental in sustaining this growth. Our MESA fund is an innovative facility that allows a company to not only reach its true market value but also to achieve its vision of a larger more vertically diversified company through acquisitions and organic growth.”

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And In Case You Missed It, the founder of Milost also issued a long press release explaining their Messianic Strategy for Nigeria.


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  1. Anodebenze

    March 21, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    This is the few times,i agrees with the editorial team of nairametric,it was original, holistic,existential,essence,and introducing critical will enable a layman investor think harder and invests with his soul

  2. Dapo

    March 21, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Investors should learn to read economic news. I am of the opinion that the information from business day was sponsored to break the trend in the price rally. My proof: when I read the news, the writer said the CBN could not be reached as calls to the phone was not responded to. I knew from here that he the writer could not be true and that information was sponsored. And I have this question for him: why was he hasty to the press? What you have seen is part of investment in paper assets. Well done.

  3. george

    March 22, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    All these story looks very fishy,nairametric article was done very hasty and rushed,last week,they reported that this milost planned to invest in Nigeria about 1 billion dollar,in unity bank and jaipaul,this story of investing in Nigeria,orginate from Bloomberg,now some media outfit picked this story,without confirming this story from milost,now jaipaul and unity are denying this story,THAT TALKS ARE STILL GOING SUBJECT TO APPROVAL FROM REGULATING AUTHORITIES.
    So it smells of conspiracy,when a good story is released about a listed company,it jumped shares prices briefly,when the dust settles,the truth will come out,now it looks that the 2 shares prices,was pumped up.and it could leads to a criminal investigation,and jaipaul and unity bank can files a complaint,if they are innocent,.nairametric,to protects themselves, did a rethinking as they were supporting this milost invsestment,only one attack in businessday upsets jaipaul shares prices and unity bank shares price,as this story of investing was empty,
    It looks this businessday reporter want to uses this opportunity to invests injaipaul and unity,and he did his analysis,and found.things do not add up,and I think jaipaul and unity bank are innocent victim,in the quest ,of getting money quickly, on face value without investigating business report.
    Now the staff of nairametric will make nairametric/America great again,well done

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Only 68.8% of Nigerians believe Covid-19 is real – SBM Intel

The survey revealed that 68.8% of Nigerians believe Corona is real, 14.4% are not sure while 16.7% don’t believe it’s real.



As the country and indeed, the rest of the world continues to be ravaged by the pandemic, only 68.8% of Nigerians believe Covid-19 is real. While 39.9% of Nigerians say they will take the vaccine, 63.3% are opposed to another lockdown.

These and more details were disclosed by SBM Intel, a geopolitical research and strategic communications consulting firm in its recent Covid-19 report titled, ” Covid in Nigeria: The Second Wave”.

“The age demographics of the correspondents for the survey were chosen across a broad age category., “The majority of the respondents were between 28-40 years (36.7%) followed by those between 18-27 years (24.0%), then 41-55 years (22.2%) which represents the active (working) population. 9.5% of the respondents were older than 55 years, and a smaller percentage, 7.7% were younger than 18 years,” the report revealed.

If Corona is real…

  • The survey revealed that 68.8% of Nigerians believe Corona is real, 14.4% are not sure while 16.7% don’t believe it’s real.
  • Ekiti, Enugu, Kogi, Nasarawa, and Sokoto states had less than 50% of their respondents stating that the virus is real. These states have relatively low official death rates, Ekiti (7), Enugu (21), Kogi (2), Nasarawa (13) and Sokoto (20) compared to states with high death rates as Lagos (250), the FCT (106) and Edo (117).

An interviewee said: “The virus is real, but does not believe that it is present in Nigeria because people are not dying and they are not observing most of the precautions.”

  • The report disclosed that most people of all age categories don’t deny the existence of a virus, however, people who are older than 55 years have the highest percentage of respondents who are unsure of the existence of coronavirus, citing reduced social interactions and smaller circles which keeps them away from contact with infected persons.

If people are taking the right steps to prevent the virus

Despite the fact that over 68% of the respondents believe that the virus is real, 59.5% of the respondents representing a majority of the respondents do not think that people are taking the right measures to prevent COVID-19.

  • “More interestingly, in some public institutions like banks and eateries where private security personnel enforces compliance with mask-wearing and hand sanitizing, people tend to comply just because such enforcement serves as an entry ticket. Researchers observed that once many people got into such premises, they took off their masks and started to flout other precautionary measures.

Covid-19 vaccinations 

  • “Only 39.9% of the respondents said they will take the vaccine. An almost equal proportion of respondents (35.9 %) said they will not take the vaccine which the government announced is to arrive in the country at the end of January, and 24.1% are unsure of their position at the moment.
  • Reasons for not wanting to receive the vaccine include mistrust with the government and religious beliefs.
  • “Some respondents held that it is a religious war to contaminate the children of God with evil substances. Some believe that the vaccines are a tool to depopulate Nigeria, while others expressed concern about the effectiveness ratio and the side-effects that the vaccine might have,” SBM said.

In case of another lockdown

  • 63.3% of Nigerians are opposed to another lockdown. The report cited the number is much lower than the past report which revealed 90.24% were opposed to the idea of another lockdown.
  • 15.1% are on the fence on this issue and only 21.6% of the respondents would support another lockdown.
  • Opposition to lockdowns was linked to economic and security impacts witnessed during the previous lockdown as the economy contracted to lead to unemployment and increased hardship for Nigerians.

What you should know 

  • Nairametrics reported that the Federal Government said that Nigeria is not contemplating another lockdown and urged Nigerians to ignore social media posts rumouring of the possibility of another lockdown.
  • President Muhammadu Buhari already disclosed in October 2020 that the Nigerian economy is too fragile to go into another lockdown.
  • Professor Julius Ihonvbere, Chairman, House Committee on Basic Education & Services, said the Federal and States governments should not impose a lockdown, but rather focus on serious control measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19: FG to acquire vaccines that need less cooling

The FG has stated that it is in talks with Russia and India to procure vaccines that are less dependent on cooling facilities.



Covid-19: AstraZeneca vaccine gets huge boost, produces immune response in elderly, Vaccine, COVID-19: Russia to roll out vaccine in September ahead of the West 

The Nigerian Government says it doesn’t plan to over-invest in Covid-19 vaccines that require extra cold storage and that it will prioritize vaccines that don’t require much cooling.

This was disclosed by Faisal Shuaib, National Primary Health Care Development Agency Chief in a briefing with newsmen on Tuesday reported by Reuters.

“Our plan now is not to over-invest on ultracold equipment for vaccines like that of Pfizer vaccines, but go for vaccines that need less cooling facilities.

“We are currently engaged in talks with Russia and India to get more vaccines,” he said.

What you should know 

  • Nairametrics reported earlier this month that the Federal Government stated that the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) with its partners, is working to fix healthcare value chain roadblocks that may affect the fair distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.
  • The FG also disclosed through the NPHCDA its initial distribution plan for vaccines with the highest share of vaccines going to Kano State 3,557; Lagos 3,131; Katsina 2,361; Kaduna 2,074; Bauchi 1,900; Oyo 1,848; Rivers 1,766; Jigawa 1,712; Niger 1,558; Ogun 1,473; Sokoto 1,468; Benue 1,423; Borno 1,416; Anambra 1,379; Zamfara 1,336; Delta 1,306.

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Covid-19: Oxygen demand in Lagos State has risen 5 times – Sanwo-Olu

Governor Sanwo-Olu has lamented the rising second wave of the pandemic in Lagos as the demand for oxygen increases by 5 times.



The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has warned that the rising second wave of the pandemic in Lagos has seen the demand for oxygen rise 5 times from 70 six-litre cylinders per day to 350 six-litre cylinders at Yaba Mainland Hospital alone.

The Governor also urged that all malaria-like symptoms should henceforth be considered as COVID-19 virus infection unless and until proven not to be so.

This was disclosed in a statement released by the Lagos State Government on Tuesday.

“Over the last few weeks, the demands for oxygen has risen from 70 six-litre cylinders per day to 350 six-litre cylinders in our Yaba Mainland Hospital. This is projected to more than double to 750 six-cylinders, before the end of January 2021,” the Governor said.

He added that the State Government has decentralized provision of oxygen and other services needed for Covid-19 patients, citing provision of oxygen kiosks.


“ln addition to providing oxygen at our isolation centres, the Lagos State Government has decentralized the availability of oxygen across the State through the provision of 10 oxygen and sampling kiosks. Oxygen therapy and other related services will be provided to patients that require them.

“Five of these 10 oxygen centers have been commissioned while the remaining five will be ready for use within the next four weeks. It is our expectation that these sampling kiosks would be easily accessible to residents that require oxygen therapy at the level of LGAs as stabilization points prior to onward transmission to our Isolation centres, if required.

“This strategy is to further increase the fighting chance of Lagos residents that have contracted the virus and require immediate oxygen therapy,” he stated.

The Governor said that Lagos is closely monitoring plans by the FG to acquire vaccines and said the State has also resumed discussion with potential manufacturers. He also said the State is building its own regulatory framework for vaccine distribution.

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“We are closely monitoring ongoing action by the Federal Government to procure COVID-19 vaccines for use in Nigeria. We have also opened discussions with vaccine manufacturers so that when the vaccine comes eventually we can ensure that Lagosians are catered for.

“In the meantime, we are developing a strategy that will articulate the criteria, guidelines and regulatory framework for providing and monitoring vaccinations in Lagos.

“The Lagos State Government is actively partnering with the private sector in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the areas of testing, oxygen deployment, as well as the clinical management of moderate to severe cases. These partnerships have helped enhance the State’s response to the ever-changing circumstances of the pandemic,” Sanwo-Olu added.

What you should know 

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  • The Lagos State Government earlier disclosed that its bed occupancy levels at its public and private COVID-19 care centres increased to 51 per cent.
  • The Federal Government also alerted Nigerians that hospitals across the country are running out of facilities to handle more serious cases of coronavirus infections as the virus is spreading fast with mild symptoms in some victims and severe illnesses and death in others.
  • Nairametrics recently reported that the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Finance, announced the sum of N10 billion for the production of vaccines in Nigeria, to fight the coronavirus.

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