Cryptocurrencies were a buzz word in 2017 across the finance and tech space, and thus has continued. While attention has been focused on the quick gains made from trading them, job opportunities also exist. Here are a few job openings that often come up in the cryptocurrency space.

  1.    Community manager

A community manager’s role is to maintain engagement across all social media platforms in the cryptocurrency space. This could be for a coin or an exchange.


A working knowledge of social media platforms like Twitter, Slack, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook Discord, Reddit

Bua group

Ability to work long hours.

Pay range: $10k-$30k per month

  1.    Developers

A developer in the cryptocurrency space usually creates decentralized applications (commonly known as dapps). A developer may also be required to work on front end and back end solutions, as well as mobile applications.


Working knowledge of Java, Javascript, Solidity, Node Js, Python, PHP

Pay range: $10k-$100k per month. In addition to free tokens or coins

  1.    Cryptocurrency Tax specialists

Tax specialists are increasingly becoming important in the cryptocurrency space as several countries now classify them as an asset subject to capital gains.


Holder of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification

Working knowledge of spreadsheet applications and others like

Familiarity with Crypto wallets and Exchanges.

Pay range: Negotiable 

  1.    White paper writers

A white paper explains in details, the workings of a cryptocurrency project. The white paper is a key criterion investors use to decide if they will invest in a project or not.


A key understanding of cryptocurrencies.

Pay range: Negotiable (It may also include free tokens or coins)

  1.    Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer is the 3rd most important personality in any cryptocurrency project. The CMO coordinates the marketing campaign for a cryptocurrency, during the Pre ICO, during the ICO and after.

Marketing is key since there are literally hundreds of projects being launched every day. Projects that are not well marketed, will have poor subscription during the fundraising process and after.


A sound understanding of cryptocurrencies and the specific project.

Ability to explain such in a clear and simple manner.

A B.Sc or MSc/MBA in marketing.

Prior experience to marketing financial products at a senior level.

Pay range: Negotiable (including free coins or tokens)



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