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Where should you invest N2 million won from lottery?


Everyday Money Matters (EMM) is live on @lagostalks913 every Wednesday between 7.30am-8.00am. On the show, we give answers to questions from our listeners and those sent to us.

Here are the questions we treated in today’s edition.


Jude says there seems to be renewed interest in the stock market and wants to know if we are back to 2007?


Ugodre says 2006, 2007 were boom year for the stock markets but we are not there yet, in times of gains. Price earnings ratio is still around 15. Always track two things; Oil prices and activities in the Niger Delta. Oil price drives the economy. The Nigerian stock market mirrors oil price. Oil prices determines whether it is a boom year for you or not.


Sanmi lives abroad and is considering investing in Nigeria. What is your advise?


Ugodre says he should make investments that he can easily monitor. With real estate, one has to come back and monitor it at least three times in a year.


Odedeyi a caller talks about his negative experience in the 2007 stock market clash. He asks if recent earnings released by companies via NSE are genuine.


Ugodre says the people managing the stock market now have done a lot to bring in transparency and independence. Right now, you don’t need a brokers, you don’t need to give anybody your money. You can actually buy stocks from your computer. You can actually invest now and be seeing it on your computer. Just put the money in the bank, all you are using is just their trading engine.


Emmy a caller won N2 million from Bet9ja and wants to know how to invest it.


Ugodre says first, he should go to his bank and move the entire thing to treasury bills. He will be paid an upfront of 14%. Then write a list of businesses and investments you want to do while the money is there earning for you.

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