The Manufacturing PMI stood at 59.3 index points in December 2017 compared to 55.9 in November. This indicates an increase in the manufacturing sector during the review period.

The Statistics Department, Central Bank of Nigeria conducts a monthly survey of purchasing and supply executives of manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations in 13 locations in Nigeria; two states in each of the six geo-political zones, and the FCT. The survey results are used to compute the monthly Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI).

Bua group

A composite PMI above 50 points indicates that the manufacturing/non-manufacturing economy is generally expanding, 50 points indicates no change and below 50 points indicates that it is generally declining.

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Download the latest report below;

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  1. Is this purchasing index an accurate parameter for measuring stats in Nigeria ?.it may work for some countries,why not includes the purchasing power of the naira–vs— other foreign currencies and what it means for the common man in Nigeria street.nairametric should be relevant and do not import foreign assessment in Nigeria.
    Do the common man in Nigeria knows or what is know in Nigeria, or not ,and what does it means it for them ?.if the govt is killing us,nairametric is rubbing salted sea water in our open wound.tell us what we do not know.uses your brain for the betterment of your fellow Nigeria,and do not insults our sensibilities

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