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A lot of people feel pressured by society and believe that they shouldn’t stay in their parents’ house beyond a particular age. Yes, you should be able to stand on your feet after college, that’s what all that money spent on tuition was for. But in the real world, where graduates don’t get a job immediately after service nor startups catch a break in business, it should be counted as a financial aid being able to stay with your parent. This is not meant to encourage you to be lazy in any way. We are simply trying to point out that for now, while you’re still struggling to carve a path for yourself in the career/business world, you might have to put off moving out of your parents’ house for a while.

Staying in your parent’s house while you save up from your job or establish your small business could be saving you a lot of money other spent on bills and exigencies which could pile up. You might be saving money that would otherwise be spent on;


While you’re still at your parent’s house, you could save the money you would have paid as rent. Better yet, you could invest that money and get returns on your money.

NEPA bills;

Monthly bills are inevitable when you stay alone. NEPA bills, Sanitation bills, and all the other bills that the government would possibly come up with can bore a hole in your growing account

Feeding expenses;

Until you start cooking your own meals, you have no idea how expensive feeding can be; even worse when you opt to eat out. When you move on your own, you’re probably going to be eating out until you buy your kitchen utensils and stuff.

Other minor expenses you don’t have to worry about when staying with your parents include; toiletries, stationery, medication and other stuff your parents’ feel inclined to do. However be careful not to mindlessly exploit your parents. While they might be willing to house you and foot your bills for a while, don’t take their kindness for granted. Chip in when you can and don’t stay longer than necessary. When your savings and your business can comfortably carry you, please do move on to the next step.


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