Question: How much does it cost to buy ICAN form?

Answer: According to the information on The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Website, the cost of ICAN registration form is N7000 (bank charges not included).


FOUNDATION LEVEL                       


One paper in foundation level                                                 N17,500.00

Two papers in foundation level                                                N18,700.00

Three papers in foundation level                                              N19,900.00

Four papers in foundation level                                                N21,100.00

All papers in foundation level                                                   N2,300.00





-One paper in skills level                                                        N26,200.00

-Two papers in skills level                                                       N30,700.00

-B.SC/HND (accounting) obtained under the mutual

co-operation agreement with tertiary institutions                      N66,500.00

-ATS 11 (old syllabus)(1989 – March 1999):                            N21,100.00

-ATSWA III (new syllabus): (September 1999 to date)              N53,000.00

-B.SC/HND (accounting) obtained from

ICAN accredited institutions in Nigeria                                     N53,000.00

-B.SC/HND accounting from recognised institutions

in Nigeria but not yet accredited by ICAN                                N19,900.00

-B.SC/HND (accounting) from foreign

recognised institutions                                                           N19,900.00

-M.Sc (ACCOUNTING) from ICAN accredited institutions

in addition to B.Sc in accounting                                             N57,000.00

-M.Sc (ACCOUNTING) obtained from ICAN accredited

institutions but without B.Sc in accounting                               N19,900.00

-M.Sc (ACCOUNTING) obtained from recognised institutions

in addition to in any accounting related discipline:

economics; banking & finance; acturial science; insurance;

business administration; marketing                                     N19000.00

-Ph.D (Accounting)

M.Sc (Accounting)

B.Sc (Accounting)                                                              N66,500.00

-Associate Chartered Institute Of Bankers Of Nigeria            N21,100.00

-Associate chartered institute of bankers of London

(Now Institute of Financial Studies)                                      N19,900.00

-Associate Chartered Institute of Stock brokers of Nigeria       N21,100.00

-Associate Chartered Secretaries and Administrators              N21,100.00

-Associate Of Chartered Institute Of Insurance Of Nigeria       N19,900.00

-Associate Chartered Institute Of Taxation Of Nigeria             N47,300.00

-Certified National Accountants Of Nigeria                             N53,000.00

-Federal Treasury Training School

(Now Federal Treasury Academy) starting from 1987             N53,000.00

-CIMA (UK)                                                                         N104,250.00






-ICAI, UK                                                                               N109,500.0

-Association Of International Accountants (Final) 1994 to date   N47,300.00

-Association Accounting Technician (UK)                                   N47,300.00

-Association Of International Accountants (Pre – 1994)              N21,100.00



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