The table below is a summary of results released by banks quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The list is limited to banks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange and is updated as new results are published.

This list includes the following;

  • Gross Earnings of Nigerian Banks
  • Pre-tax profits of Nigerian Banks
  • Profit after tax of Nigerian banks
  • Taxes charged to all Nigerian Banks
  • Earnings Per share of Nigerian Banks

The above is stated as current year and prior year.

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  1. Pls include the following banks – Citibank & Standard Chartered Rand Merchant Bank as well as Suntrust bank. It will be useful to know if these banks are having a ball or a torrid time.

  2. Very useful info. Thank you for this. Please kindly add dividend column to this table. I would like to know if Sterling Bank is paying any dividend this year.

  3. Good job but I would like to suggest that you should add additional columns such as Non performing loan(NPL) ratio, Liquidity ratiop, dividend per share(DPS) and outstanding shares


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