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Yesterday afternoon, news filtered through that the Presidency had approved the nomination of Aishah Ahmad as a Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. All that is left is the small matter of the approval of her nomination by the Senate. Since then, Nigerians have gone agog on social media, airing their different views on the matter. Here a few choice comments from how social media reacted to Aishah’s appointment.

Her qualifications and potential were well scrutinized…

“Experienced Accountants are the best for these kind of jobs. No debate.” (@AkebajeOlajide, Twitter)

Congrats to her, but I believe we need more economists than bankers in the CBN.” (@mrnosegbe, Twitter)

“She is just 40 and you said she is at the top banking in the last 20years. When did she starts work to reach the top at 20? Is it that she started work at 5years?” (Tukur Gabdo, Facebook)

“If a COT collector can become CBN Governor, she’s more than overqualified for the appointment.” (@dodoshyne, Twitter)

“Having bankers oversee banks is not a good idea. Get professional economists who understand monetary policy.” (@MrNosegbe, Twitter)

“She seems to have relevant finance experience and education….that could well suffice right?” (@VanJyde, Twitter)

…and her looks couldn’t be overlooked

“Good profile and she looks good as well…” (@AdefemiOyedele, Twitter)

“She cute though” (@ZamirXI, Twitter)


She is pretty ooo” (Onyeama Chetenna, Facebook)

The usual North-South bias theory reared its head as well…

“May be another case of marginalization?” (@mkke2, Twitter)

“This is a deliberate attempt to put an Hausa woman to succeed the present CBN governor…..we know already, we cannot be deceived by this.” (Aigbokhaevbo Nelson,  Facebook)

“All the key appointments go to the north.same way they say so much about minister of finance” (Isaac Ubokwe, Facebook)

“Hausa people everywhere” (Garvin Martins Amayo, Facebook)


…and a little philosophy to top it all off

“That’s good, we need young blood. Even those old papas in government houses should be replaced with young men and women” (Cleo Mekdaus, Facebook)

“Some people are just born lucky” (Akanji Rasheed, Facebook)

“This is a testament to the fact that dreams are achievable. I mustn’t be docile” (@bisiolu, Twitter)

“Glad to see a younger generation getting into senior positions on their own merit and track records” (@afali, Twitter)



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