TVS, market leader in Keke Marwa Productions is targeting 70% market share

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Self proclaimed market leader for the sale of popular tricycle aka Keke Marwa in Nigeria, TVS Motor Company of India has unveiled a new tricycle, King Delux, in Nigeria. The company claims it has a current market share of 58% which it hopes to increase to 70% with the introduction of its new tricycle. The company claims that it hopes to hit this milestone in 3 months.

Wandel International Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the Simba Group, which is the sole distributor of the TVS brand in Nigeria.

The company also reveals that the new tricycle has new features that will attract the growing riders of the popular Keke Marwa. For example, it said it has now introduced built-in stereo in tricycle,  a mounted chassis bumper; wider and taller seats over the competition with lumber support; a new stylish car-like dashboard, and integrated wheel arcs.


The company also says it had trained over 20,000 mechanics of the tricycle brand, adding that it would be a continuous exercise meant to keep its products in good condition throughout their lifespan.

TVS Motor Company is the Second largest two-wheeler export manufacturer from India and one among the top ten in the world, with an annual turnover of more than USD 1.3 billion in 2014, it is the flagship company of the USD 7 billion TVS Group.



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