Breakdown of N41 billion spent on “Social Investment Programmes”


The Buhari administration has so are spent about N41 billion on its various aspects of its four Social Investment Programmes (SIP). According to the office of the Vice President, no less than 25 million meals have been served under the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme, (SIP), of the Buhari administration.

The government confirms that as at the end of April 2017, it had spent a total N41,714,793,293 across all the 36 States and FCT implementing different aspects of the four Social Investment Programmes.

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Here is a breakdown of how it has spent the money;

On meals

  • A breakdown of the total number of meals served show that 1,051, 619 million primary school pupils are now being fed across the seven states of Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, and Zamfara state.
  • No less than 11,847 cooks have also been employed. Altogether 8,587 schools are involved in those States.
  • More meals will be served later this week in Delta and Abia States under the federal government school feeding scheme.
  • Specifically, Delta State is expected to “receive soon”, a sum of N63, 366, 100 to start the feeding of 90, 523 primary school pupils.
  • In the same vein, Abia State is also expected to receive  N42, 921, 200.
  • Kaduna State has now been repaid N3.4B for its past expenses implementing the food programme ahead of FG’s roll-out.

Breakdown of spending

  • N-Power, which is the job programme for unemployed graduates has received N26.418 billion.
  • It is the single largest spending item out of the four social investment programmes under the 2016 Appropriation.
  • Home Grown School Feeding (HGSFP) –      N7.092 billion
  • Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)           –        N800 million
  • Government Enterprises Entrepreneurship Programme (GEEP)  –    N7.301 billion

Other notable developments


  • The government claims that under the N-Power job scheme for unemployed graduates 162,024 unemployed graduates have been effectively enrolled and validated
  • Thus they have been cleared to receive the N30,000 monthly stipends, out of the 200,000 originally engaged late last year.
  • A vast majority of the validated beneficiaries have been receiving stipends as at 31st March, 2017.
  • A date for the engagement of more N-power beneficiaries and the reopening of the portal to receive more applications would be announced soon.
  • Under the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme, 26,942 beneficiaries are now being funded as at last month with the monthly N5,000 stipend in 9 States and 84 Local Government Areas. The States are Borno, Cross River, Niger, Kwara, Ekiti, Kogi, Oyo, Osun and Bauchi.
  • Also the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP) designed for the empowerment of market women, traders, artisans and co. has also recorded progress with the disbursement of 57,234 interest free loans, except a one-time low administrative fee.
  • GEEP which is designed for well over one million Nigerians has now registered 3,162,451 people who have shown interest and are members of 26, 924 registered cooperatives for purposes of the loans.
  • So far, women participation has been remarkable with 56% of loans so far disbursed to women beneficiaries in 28 States and FCT.
  • Directives have also been given to scale up the loan disbursement to 150,000 by end of next month.


  1. 41 Billion of naira,and the people are not feeling govt action or are the people feeling this positive govt action ? it may be happening because it’s a lots of money WHY NOT GOVT REVIEWS THEIR ACTION IS IT WORKING ? HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING THIS POSITIVE ACTION THIS INJECTED AND INDUCED HAPPINESS.CAN IT BEEN DONE BETTER.
    iN the end all govt knows what is the problem in Nigeria but people are avoiding in belling the cat,so that the people will have everlasting happiness in their life time,if the next govt takes over,they can changes this policies.
    Why ? this social investment is not comprehensive,in other word there will be some people who have very valid complaint against this social investment.To reduces this such complaint Why not federal govt transfers all this social investment to local govt area,which means also means govt have to reform LGA..E.G Transfers the nursery and primary school to local govt control.Invests in school infrastructure,computer lab and internet,invest in local library or through the basic education programme under the fed govt or. CAN THERE BE ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE ? OR THIS INVESTS IN FACILITES AND INFRASTRUCTURE OR ENPOWERS LOCAL ECONOMY,TO JUMP-START THIS LOCAL ECONOMY,THEY CAN START BY HAVING A TIME OF DEFICIT ANNUAL BUDGET, with local councilor and chairmen supervising each department and their head of each department,as civil servant.local councilors holding various head of department responsible for their action and their budget.they can have dept for housing,for urban regeneration,dept for primary heathcare deliverance dept of school .
    I can only assumed this as,LGA should be doing this job,but if the politician in Abuja wants to win votes they must go through the lga and monitor their activities,as this present consutution allows state govt complete control of lga.once if this local economy is engised as they have jump-started the lga economy,they can raises taxes to balances their books or if they do not want to raises any’s up to them,taxes must be fair and affordable.the people will be happy to pay their taxes,as they are enjoying govt partronage through this taxes

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