Lean Africa

Believe it or not?

Learn Africa Plc, formerly Longman Nigeria Plc, has reported that it controls about 60 per cent market share in the publishing industry. This, according to the management of the company, is recorded despite the numerous challenges faced by the business in the past few years.

Business Environment

He said, “The whole issue about the insurgency in the North has been a serious challenge to our business in the last few years. This is because that region represents about 60 per cent of our business; and the business has really been affected by the problems. We hope that government’s intervention through the state of emergency will help to turn things  around in that region.

“Another major challenge that has been affecting the business is the problem of piracy, which remains the greatest threat to our industry and we hope that this challenge is addressed as it would go a long way to improve the lot of the business.”

Learn Africa records 60% market share


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