We all know Customer Care call centers in Nigeria aren’t particularly a pleasant experience. It’s either you are speaking to one inexperienced and poorly trained representative without a clue to solving your pressing problem or your just unfortunate to have a disgruntled staff on the other end of the line who has worked overtime and can’t get their minds to articulating a solution.

DSTV on the other hand have their own fair share of poor customer service reps but on an average they seem well trained and mostly have solutions (at least based on my experience). What I however can’t understand is why I need to listen into an ad that last up to 40seconds whenever I put a call through to customer service. Once you put the call through, a male voice responds on the other line informing you of the several online platforms where your subscriptions can be paid. This surely is a free ad at the expense of the caller (customer).

I made a short video of my experience on youtube


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