Finally, right here in Nigeria, we can now check the authenticity of your Vehicle Insurance Policy. Thanks to the efforts of the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database, a project owned by the Nigerian Insurers Association. This is a fascinating development especially in an economy where third part insurers are sold over the counter like recharge cards. Before now you could get a third party insurance for as low as N1,500 at any vehicle licensing office without knowing if its fake or authentic. But not anymore, now you can confirm if you a fake vehicle insurance policy or not.

How does it work?

Its pretty simple. Just log on to their website and follow the instructions laid out. You could enter your Vehicle Number or Insurance Policy number to confirm its authenticity. Once entered the result will appear right in front of you. If your policy is authentic, your vehicle number, policy number, vehicle type will appear. if it is fake, no information will appear meaning it is not in their database. According to NIID, “if your insurance policy is not NIID, it is fake”.

What else can be done with it

The benefits of this are quite enormous in my opinion. For example, by typing in the vehicle numbers of  suspicious vehicle, or one which is contravening traffic laws, you would get the name of the owner of the car. The police can also use it to authenticate vehicle ownership against Vehicle License and Proof of Ownership documents. The benefits are indeed immense and will materialize as time goes on.


This is a laudable development which I hope everyone adopts. I hope they go on to include Properties Insurance, Fire and Burglary Insurance,  Life Insurance etc to this platform. That surely will change the landscape of insurance in Nigeria.


  1. Good ideas, let this be known to general public to promote discipline among our agents and our dubious civil servant’s collaborators


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