Nairametrics| Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari came back to Nigeria on Friday, after being away on a medical leave in the UK since the 19th of January 2017. In his absence, the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been acting.  It appears however, that he will continue to carry on in his acting capacity for some time to come.

According to media report, the President informed officials that he was “feeling much better” but still needed time to rest over the weekend. Here are excerpts of his comments;

“I couldn’t recall when last I had a blood transfusion,”

“I deliberately came back towards the weekend so that the Vice President will continue and I will continue to rest…..All I need is to do further followups within some weeks.”

The comments above indicates that the President may not be ready to assume work fully in the immediate term, leaving Professor Osinbajo to continue running the country as Acting President. Reports also suggest, leaving Osinbajo to continue running the affairs of the Presidency, is likely to reassure investors that governance will not be hampered by the presence of the President.

President Buhari is yet to disclose his illness.




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