Retirement Savings Account

Everything you should know about the Retirement Savings Account

The Retirement Savings Accounts are powerful accumulators of compounded investment returns because they have a tax-exempt advantage for cash contributions and investment returns.
Real Estate in Lagos

Everything you need to know to become a real estate investor

If you are looking for a way to invest your savings, why not consider real estate? See details how by clicking the link below-
investment bias

Understanding Investment Bias: What influences investors’ decisions?

The benefit of behavioural finance is that investors are able to recognize these behavioural biases and take corrective actions to avoid financial losses.
Naira currency

If you have N1m today, how would you invest it?

21-year old Ade, was gifted N1m by his rich aunty. He wants to save this to fund his wedding in 10 years. How should he deploy this fund? Find out via the link below...
Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority

What NSIA’s FY 2018 results has taught us about investment strategy

Not too long ago, the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), announced its results for the 2018 financial year.
Investment diversity

Fixed Income expert explains why investors should diversify their investments

A Nigerian fixed-income expert, Igho Alonge, recently shared on Twitter reasons why investors should always embrace the idea of diversifying their investments.
International Investor, Here’s the easiest way to invest in your future 

What to know in order to become an International Investor

What to know in order to become an International Investor
Nigeria’s Pension Fund Asset Value

Nigeria’s Pension Fund Asset Value Crosses the N9 trillion Mark

As more and more Nigerians begin to take their retirement planning more seriously thanks to growing awareness campaigns, the total asset value of pension fund assets has hit a new all-time high.
pension funds, PenCom

About 160,000 more Nigerians registered to participate in Pension Plans in Q1 2019

Efforts by the National Pension Commission and other stakeholders through radio jingles and other enlightenment campaigns seem to be yielding results, as more and more Nigerians are joining the bandwagon of pension participation.
Central Bank of Nigeria

How to get the Central Bank of Nigeria to credit your account

Doesn’t it feel good to be a lender of money? Yes, it does, especially if you know the borrower is creditworthy and would repay you with interest as at when due. The Central Bank of Nigeria could always borrow money from you and repay you when the time is due.
company NSE the value of your assets, investments, invest

Top eight investment destinations for Nigerians

One of the best ways to diversify your investments is to invest internationally; be it investing in the stock market, startup, or simply setting up a business.
Annual results, Delist a company,annual results, annual, results, nse

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 1)

Every time you invest in a company by buying its shares, you become a part owner of the said company. Now, investing in shares has so many moving parts. Here, we will break them down.
Amateur Investors, SEC

For Amateur Investors: SCM Capital shares 5 mistakes to avoid as a beginner

Often times, amateur investors make mistakes that could have entirely been avoided if they had prior knowledge about how investments work.
International Investor, Here’s the easiest way to invest in your future 

10 quotes that would help you invest better

10 quotes that would help you invest better #Invest #Business
Treasury Bills

Daily Update on Bonds, Treasury Bills, Forex, and Oil Price.

Daily performance of major economic indicators and highlights from tradings sessions and key statistics such as Treasury Bills, bonds, etc.
Standing Deposit Facility, 12 states

This is why Nigerian Fund Managers deserve a pat on the back

Nigerian fund managers deserve some bottles of Champaign and a pat on the back for a job well done in 2018.

Nigerian lady narrates how the FGN bonds helps her save properly

FGN Bonds are considered the safest of all investments in domestic debt market.
How young Nigerians invest

Exclusive: A look at how young Nigerians invest their money nowadays 

As his phone finally buzzed with the notification of his salary payment, John pondered whether to stick to his investment plans or cheat for the last time. 
Nigerian Equity Market

Market/economic insight: the weekly brief ( November 5th – 9th 2018)

The performance of the Nigerian Equity Market returned bullish last week with the index (NSE ASI) up by 0.23% WTD to close at an index level of 32,200.21 and Market capitalization of N11.76 trillion.
Nigerian stocks

How To Cut Your Losses in a Bearish Market

Consult an investment advisor or broker before taking investment decisions.
Ponzi Scheme

How to Know If It’s A Ponzi Scheme

If it is too good to be true then it really isn't true!
FBN Money Market Fund

How to know what your fund manager is investing your money in.

mutual funds are pooled investment vehicles that collect money from various investors and invest.
FGN bond

What you need to know about target date funds

The Cordros recently launched what could be called Nigeria’s first target date funds and the media went agog with the news.
FBN Money Market Fund

Pension multi fund structure explained

PenCom is getting ready to start implementing the RSA Multi Fund structure from July 1st, 2018.

These funds never lost money in the past 5 years

Warren Buffet has been known to be one of the greatest investors ever. His prowess in stock picking and value investing earned him the...
Photo by Bruce Dixon on Unsplash

Books Every Nigerian Investor Must Read

There is a popular saying that goes, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people...
Mutual funds

Understanding mutual fund cutoff time

I have read some complaints and observations from some mutual fund investors on forums like Nairaland about their mutual fund trading orders either not...
stock trading

How top traders make the most money from the Nigerian stock market

The Nigerian stock market has become the proverbial successful child who everyone wants to associate with. The NSE All Share Index went up by...

How to get the BOI loan for ‘Youth Corpers’

The loan facility is targeted at fresh graduates/serving corps members. One can access a loan of up...
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