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Debt Securities

Official: Nigerian Treasury bills calendar for Q2 2021

Official: Nigerian Treasury bills calendar March – May 2021



CBN Treasury Bills

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Published its Treasury Bills program for March to May 2021, indicating that it plans to raise about ₦570.4 billion in cash.

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The Central Bank sells treasury bills on a bi-weekly basis to investors and is one of the safest investments available. Interests are paid upfront and the principal paid in full upon maturity.

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2nd quarter 2021

1st quarter of 2021

4th quarter of 2020

3rd quarter of 2020

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2nd quarter of 2020

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1st quarter of 2020

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4th quarter of 2019

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    Debt Securities

    The Nigerian treasury bills hits 9%

    This increase is supposed to have a substantial impact on the Nigerian Stock exchange market.



    Nigerian Treasury Bills falls to 3.05% per annum, Implications of the new CBN stance on treasury bill sale to individuals

    According to the primary market auction result, Nigerian Treasury Bills Yield held the 91-day and 182-day constant at 2.00% and 3.50% respectively.

    The 364-days Bill increased by 100 base point to 9.00% from its previous 8.00% interest. This increase is supposed to have a substantial impact on the Nigerian Stock exchange market.

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    The 91-day and 182-day bills have remained relatively constant for the 4th consecutive auction. This increase in the 364-days Treasury Bill Yield may be seen to have a negative correlation in the stock exchange market as investors sell off their volatile positions and buy risk-free assets like treasury bills.

    Some analysts believe that the increase is in direct response to inflationary concerns as the CBN attempts to curb inflation without detouring growth.

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    What this means

    • An increase in Treasury Bill Yield may cause a drop in the Stock exchange market as analysts expect selloffs to continue towards the end of the week.
    • Persistent inflation concerns may lead the CBN to take more aggressive steps and increase the treasury bills rates even higher.
    • The banking sector is expected to benefit from the increase as they shift their focus from stock to fixed income.
    • Analysts expect that a higher yield trend will boost foreign direct investment, which is aligned with the CBN policy of increasing foreign inflows.
    • Some market participators see the increase as a good sign. However, the consensus was held for a steady slow increase rather than an eccentric rate change.

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    DMO reveals what infrastructure Sukuk Fund is financing

    The Debt Management Office revealed that Sukuk funding is currently rehabilitating the Outer Marina Road in Lagos.



    The Debt Management Office revealed that Sukuk funding is currently rehabilitating the Outer Marina Road which is a major road connecting Lagos Island to Victoria Island, Falomo and Ikoyi.

    The DMO disclosed this in a statement on Wednesday evening.

    “While the Outer Marina Road is a major artery on its own, It will also be instrumental to easing the traffic in Lagos during the repair of Falomo Bridge. Thanks to the SUKUK, we are able to rebuild Nigeria one infrastructure at a time,” it said.

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    What you should know 

    The Debt Management Office (DMO) announced last month that it listed its third sovereign Sukuk, N162.557bn 7-year 11.200% AL Ijarah Sovereign Sukuk due 2027, on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the FMDQ Securities Exchange.

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