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Nigeria’s business tycoon and philanthropist, Femi Otedola, who recently visited the Aliko Dangote’s multi-billion-dollar refinery and fertilizer projects in the Lekki Free Trade Zone has disclosed that the refinery is 75% near completion.

Otedola disclosed yesterday on his Instagram page that a test run of the fertilizer plant was done as he praised the plant described it as the “8th wonder of the world”.

“Yesterday, the Dangote Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited did a test run of its Fertilizer plant which is the second-largest in the world after that of Qatar. Surely his dream of local refining is materializing as the 8th wonder of the world gradually evolves. Kudos to the entire Dangote Industries Limited team!” Otedola stated.

Dangote’s multi billion-dollar refinery is 75% complete, Otedola says. 

The billionaire went on to commend the Dangote Industries Limited’s team for a job well done stating that he is sure Aliko Dangote’s dream of local refining would come to pass very soon.

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On the current state of the projects, having said that the refinery is 75% complete, Otedola said that the petrochemical unit is also 60% complete.

Recall that the facility was initially projected to be ready by 2020. However, the completion date was shifted to H1 2021, as Nairametrics had reported.

What you should know: When the Dangote Refinery eventually becomes operational, Dangote Refinery is expected to be the biggest in the world. The refinery will be able to process 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day into refined petroleum products. This will help Nigeria become an oil refining country and oil exporter as the country’s refineries are in a dilapidated state. The capacity of the Dangote Refinery would eliminate fuel import from other regions into Nigeria.

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The Dangote refinery and petrochemicals plant which is located at the Lekki Free Trade Zone is the second-largest fertilizer plant in West Africa with the capacity to produce 3.0 Million Tonnes of Urea per year.


  1. I am so happy that his refinery will soon be completed. But with all the technologies taken place in the western world, I think the petrol will be used by Nigerian’s and others Africa countries. Because in the next 10 or 15 years to come electric car is the future in Europe. Dangote is just aquiring not for interest of Nigerian’s but for his own selfish interest. Better thing could still be done. Not only building here and there. His logistics carrier are number one killer on Nigeria road with careless untrained driver couple with trailers that are off-road with mechanical problems. He should sees into the roads in Nigeria because most of his trailer are the biggest user of the road and stop claiming people’s life with the bad trailers and careless driver’s.

  2. What a woman and her comment building refinery for “his selfish interest and untrained driver with trailer that are off-road with mechanical problem.life it’self can be a mirror of which you can judge yourself.accusing Mr Dangote of being selfish are you yourself being selfish yourself.this refinery can create at least 2000 jobs directly and indirectly,electric car as the future in Europe will not be automatic atleast for the next 30 yrs


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