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Mr. Bigg’s one-time most sought-after fast food restaurant has launched a new model restaurant across different states of the country to improve customer service experience.

According to the nation, the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) run by the United Africa Company (UAC), at the grand event at Northwest Filling Station, Victoria Garden City disclosed through the Marketing Manager, UAC Restaurants, Mrs. Ethel Mba, that the new outlets depict excellence and offer a wide variety of meals ranging from local to continental dishes.

Layout of the New Outlets: The new outlets, house both Mr Bigg’s and Debonair’s Pizza counters, and includes a kids play area that offers a fun experience for children. The new initiatives were put in place to boost  the brand’s competitiveness in the Quick Service Restaurant market

Mr Bigg’s revamps operation, introduces contemporary restaurants 

Meanwhile, with the new model conveying a strong desire to offer a high level of class and comfort to customers, Mr Biggs is trying to play catch up to the likes of Tasty Fried Chicken, The Place, Chicken Republic, Sweet Sensation and some other Nigerian-owned fast-food restaurants who now dominate the market. The entry and evolution of these other brands has led to intense competition within the sector and the loss of market share by the likes of Mr Biggs. 

Mrs Mba stated that many customers who had visited the new restaurants were impressed and happy with the excellent service experience which largely addressed their eating needs. The new initiative is expected to be experienced in their over 75 outlets across the country and maybe help boost the company’s competitive prowess.

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However, Mr Biggs disclosed that while its customers are happy about the new outlet design, it hopes to passionately drive growth, sustainability, a positive image for the brand and consumer loyalty.

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After several failed attempts to revamp Mr Biggs, the hope that the brand would once again bounce back to high level of competitiveness and increased market share with its new model restaurants might not be far-fetched.

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