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After 35-years, Procter & Gamble, makers of sanitary products, Always, has announced that logo of its product would undergo changes to reflect global gender diversity. The company said it would erase the symbol which represents the female gender on its Always package.

Always package has a symbol of ‘circle atop a cross’ that represents the users of the Always pad product. The company said the decision to erase the symbol is to entertain the evolution of gender, as the use of sanitary pad has grown beyond female patronage.

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Those behind the redesign: The move by Proctor & Gamble is to put transgender and non-binary customers into consideration. The redesign will reflect the transformation of customer-type for Always sanitary pad. The action was prompted by gender activists who have been demanding inclusiveness by companies offering female products.

Always to erase famous female logo from its pad pack to reflect gender equality 


Though the specific time the change will reflect on the package hasn’t been disclosed, Proctor & Gamble, in a statement, confirmed that the redesign would be executed to portray diversity and inclusion as cases of period are not only peculiar to girls and women again.

According to a source, which quoted the company, Proctor & Gamble said, “For over 35 years, Always has championed girls and women and we will continue to do so. We’re also committed to diversity & inclusion and are on a continual journey to understand the needs of all of our consumers.”

Companies on the same path: Proctor & Gamble isn’t the first company to make such a decision. The likes of Mastercard, dating site, Tinder and car-hailing company, Lyft, have all done the same to reflect the gender expansion.

Standard chartered

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Standard chartered

How this affects Nigeria: It is unclear if Proctor & Gamble will reflect the change globally, but if it does, its yet to be seen how the Nigerian market will react to it. This is as a result of the sensitivity of the gender issue to Nigerians and even the Government.


Olalekan is a certified media practitioner from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ). In the era of media convergence, Olalekan is a valuable asset, with ability to curate and broadcast news. His zeal to write was developed out of passion to shape people’s thought and opinion; serving as a guideline for their daily lives. Contact for tips: fakoyejo.olalekan@nairametrics.com.


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