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The Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Christiana Adeyeye, has condemned the use of Sniper for food preservation.

Mrs Adeyeye discouraged the use of Sniper and other agro-chemicals for the preservation of food, stating that they contain substances that are harmful to the human body.

“We decry poor handling of foods in Nigeria by producers and sellers because the populace and consumers are being exposed unduly to health risks from contaminants.

“The use of unapproved insecticides such as Sniper for the preservation of grains by unauthorised persons, the use of containers contaminated with hazardous chemicals such as fertilizer bags for grains or chemical drums and jerry cans for food storage are classic examples of a common practice among the market men and women due to ignorance.”
On the use of sniper to commit suicide: NAFDAC said it is partnering with other relevant bodies to stop the use of Sniper to commit suicide. The NAFDAC boss also reacted to comments and suggestions of people asking for checks on the proliferation and ease of access to Sniper in markets and streets across the nation.
According to her, Sniper containers “could now be made very difficult to open, or may be turned into a spray rather than the liquid contents it is known for.”
On the Effect of Sniper: The NAFDAC Director-General stressed the grave adverse effects of Sniper thus:

“The instruction on Sniper says apply diluted portions to crops and there’s a ‘withdrawal’ time in which the crop should not be consumed so the active ingredient degrades to minimal level before consumption. Now compare this minute concentration to drinking from the original sniper bottle,”

She acknowledged the fact that health experts have raised concerns over the indiscriminate use of Sniper pesticide in the control of mosquitoes, cockroaches and other household insects.

“They warned on its dangerous effects, especially to respiratory organs and even carcinogenic risks. A person may be exposed to the associated risk of Sniper through inhalation, absorption via the skin, ingestion, and eye contact.” 


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