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UNIC Foundation, a non-government organisation (NGO) has revealed the reasons why the Federal Government should provide tax waiver for startups.

According to the President of the Foundation, Dr. Christopher Imumolen, the tax waiver will ensure the survival of businesses striving to succeed in the country.

His Reasons: Imumolen stated that the tax waiver will help entrepreneurs by lifting some financial burden off them, especially in cases where they create amenities that should be provided by the government.

“Government needs to create enabling environment for business to strive and one of the ways is by giving tax waiver when entrepreneurs create amenities that should be created by the government. For instance, there should be a tax waiver for people that are using generators to run their businesses.”

More Details: Imumolen also spoke on the high rate of unemployment and underemployment in the country which is making Nigeria one of the most difficult places to live in. He, however, stated that through the foundation’s grant strategy, it is doing its bit to empower entrepreneurs and assist them in growing their businesses.

“The grant is between N200, 000 to N5 million; we have approved over N500, 000 to 500 people from March to May 2019, Our target is to support four million businesses in a year. It is a grant, not a loan because they are not paying back; it’s 100 percent free. This is our way of giving back to the society,”. He said.

Commenting on the new website UNIC Foundation recently unveiled, Imuomolen stated that Shakuku digital marketing space will enable members of the foundation and other interested businessmen and women do business at ease. He stated that the website is the answer to businesses who have been searching for the most affordable means of advertising their products and positioning them for the much desired visibility.


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