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Innoson Vehicles recently announced via Twitter that the Government of Sierra Leone has purchased some fleet of cars from its company.

Some Government officials from Sierra Leone visited the Innoson factory in Nnewi on May 4th, 2019.

Sierra Leone Defence Ministry to use Innoson vehicles for its defence purposes: The visit was led by Hon Soloku, the Defence Minister and some other members of the West African country’s police force.

Expressing interest in Innoson‘s fleets, the delegates communicated Sierra Leone’s plan to incorporate the Nigerian-assembled vehicles in the country’s military.


Innoson might open an outlet in Sierra Leone: During the visit, Hon. Soloku requested that Innoson Vehicles should establish a company in Sierra Leone, noting that Africa has come of age and should begin to take care of itself without depending on foreign aid.

Furthermore, the General Manager of Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation (SLRTC) who was also at the meeting, requested for a partnership with Innoson Vehicles which would enable SLRTC to render better services to the people of Sierra Leone.

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Note that this is a big step for Innoson Group which has, overtime, proven to be a market leader; well recognised by far beyond the shores of Nigeria.
Innoson Group has penetrated the car/vehicles market over the years, currently serving as one of the few wholly African car assemblers.
Nigerian Government supporting its efforts: The Nigerian Government has also been patronising the company’s vehicles. It was reported that the armoured vehicles used by the Nigerian Army and operational trucks used by the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) were purchased from Innoson Vehicles.

However, the company still has a local competitor: Recall that Nairametrics recently reported that Innoson Vehicles might not be the only indigenous car manufactures in Nigeria as they have another competitor known as National Truck Manufacturers Ltd, otherwise popularly known as Kano Cars.

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National Truck Manufacturers Limited is a vehicle assembling company that came into production in 1970. The company is located in Kano and boomed during the 1970s.


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