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Nigeria’s online payment service provider, Paga, has announced the selection of its Founder, Tayo Oviosu and Co-Founder, Jay Alabraba, as Endeavour Entrepreneurs.

The selection came after a rigorous multi-step selection process that lasted over several weeks, culminating in Endeavour’s 84th International Selection Panel’s selection of the two tech founders among 25 high-impact founders selected by Endeavour into its cohort of entrepreneurs.

The Endeavour supports 1,793 entrepreneurs leading 1,124 companies in 33 markets around the world, with a track record of impact, creating 1.5 million jobs and generating $15 billion in revenue in 2018 alone, and helping to build sustainable growth models in their home countries.

How this benefits Paga

As Endeavor Entrepreneurs, they will gain access to thousands of mentors including investors, serial entrepreneurs, and professionals who are proven business leaders in a range of growth markets and industries.

They will also gain access to customised products & services that will be helpful to Paga on the journey to scale, across the company’s capital raising, talent management, market entry, and business expansion needs.

Tayo Oviosu had earlier announced plans to compete with the likes of PayPal, Alipay, and Safaricom’s M-Pesa at the international level after securing a $10 million funding program led by Global Innovation Fund.

Recall that Paga also recently reached an exclusive payment partnership deal with Orange Mall – an e-commerce platform with over 250 international retailers for easy purchase and shipment to Nigeria. The new deal will enable its numerous customers to shop globally and pay locally, thus, increasing the utility of their Paga wallets.

Founded in 2012, Paga has since created a multi-channel network and platform to transfer money, pay bills, and buy things digitally.  It currently has over 18,000 agents, with 11 million customers.

Endeavour is an organisation headquartered in New York pioneering the concept of high-impact entrepreneurship in growth markets around the world.


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