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As the countless unpleasant incidents involving Dangote trucks along major Nigerian highways persist, the leading Nigerian conglomerate has finally decided to take more decisive steps towards solving the problem once and for all. But it needs your help.

The company said in a press statement that it is willing to pay thousands of naira to members of the public who can provide meaningful information that will lead to the arrest of persons illegally using the company’s trucks to transport materials across the country.

In specific terms, the statement which was signed by Dangote Group’s Head of corporate communications, Mr Anthony Chiejina, said its management will pay the sum of N250,000 to any Nigerian who can provide useful information that will assist law enforcement agents in the apprehension of people masquerading as Dangote truck drivers whilst transporting “illegal goods”.

“The Management of Dangote Industries Limited wishes to solicit the assistance of the general public in the fight to rid the organisation of illegal haulage activities being perpetrated by some unscrupulous persons.

“In pursuit of this objective, anyone with verifiable information which will lead to the arrest of such person(s) or goods will be rewarded with the sum of N250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only).” -Chiejina

Understanding the long-standing problem

The statement had gone further to issue a stern warning to those drivers who are involved in the illegal transportation of goods with the use of Dangote trucks. They stand the risk of being arrested along with their goods, even as they will be forced to face the full extent of the law.

The Dangote Group consists of Nascon, Dangote Flour, Dangote Sugar, and Dangote Cement. All four of them are among some of the biggest companies that are listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE.


To get the products manufactured by these four companies across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, the  Dangote Group makes use of its own trucks, which by the way are almost innumerable. Therefore, it is not surprising that some unscrupulous persons may want to use the trucks for unlawful purposes.


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