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The news of a satellite television service that would rival the services of DsTV was enough to get Nigerians interested in the whole TStv concept. Throw in the ridiculously cheap subscription rates and the pay-as-you-use principle, and Nigerians have been practically drooling for the launch of TStv . Thirty-two days after the proposed take off date and TStv has postponed the launch of its full operations- again.

This information was contained in a company release which acknowledged the earlier promise, but realigned its present position to that of distributing free decoders to the 5,000 promo winners. According to them, this will serve as a prelude to the commencement of full commercial sales and operations nationwide. This move, the company also said will allow them test the signal strength in all parts of the country.

“… we are not unaware of our promise to commence full commercial sales and operations of TStv Africa on 1st November, 2017 nationwide. In line with this commitment of ours, we have commenced the distribution and installation of TStv Africa Promo (free of cost) decoders across the country. This painstaking exercise is to ensure the proper monitoring and evaluation of the signal strength and quality of our channels and programs nationwide.”

“Similarly, in a bid to achieve uniformity and evenness in the sales of our decoders nationwide, the accreditation of selected dealers is ongoing in addition to the full branding of the dealers’ outlets across the country. The above stated ongoing activities upon confirmation shall constitute a prelude to the commencement of the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoders nationwide. We wish to reassure Nigerians that we remain committed to our promise to offer premium quality and affordable DTH services across the country seamlessly. We seek your further understanding and support in this value driven course.”

With Nigerians having to wait again for an unknown period before full commercial takeoff, people will start to doubt the ability of TStv to actually deliver and continue delivering top quality services. Particularly worrying is that the company is just getting to test signal strength, a process many would expect them to have taken before even fixing a launch date. While this is the case, the prices and attractions of TStv remain the same. But will Nigerians be able to continue waiting? It might just be a case of the patient dog eating the fattest bone.


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