GT Bank today released audited results for the financial year ended 31 December 2016.


Net Interest Income N’million

FY 2016| N195,400

FY 2015| N159,947

% age change| 22%


Profit after tax  N’million

FY 2016| N132,281

FY 2015| N99,437

%age change| 33%


EPS (Naira)

FY 2016| N4.37

FY 2015| N3.51

%age change| 33%


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  1. In a country that is in recession with a grounded private section and low government income
    Banks declaring huge PBT

  2. The individual and corporate activities can still enjoy profitability in a recession. It all demands on the ability of the management of such business. G T Bank is in the banking sector. The effort of the Bank to make sincere and genuine success is based on the management sincere effort to face what is on the ground squarely and positively. G T .Bank, since it formative stage, has always been faced with reality not with speculation. Any business organization must be prepared to face unexpected rise and fall in any economic situation such as Nigeria. The success story of G T. Bank is the ability of the management to make adequate and accurate forecast of the future. It goes to confirm that the Research and Development of the Bank is up to date and adequately monitored. There may be other manufacturing set up in Nigeria that will remain profitable if only they are exposed to modern technology and provision for qualified personnel. Recession is a natural phenomenon in any economy but stakeholders must be fully prepared to make immediate adjustments to budget and other sensitive measures that will readily and adequately adjust to the prevailing economy. G T Bank is a trusted Bank which deserves patronage from the populace.

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