Google explains why it has no plans to lay Fibre cables in Nigeria

Nairametrics| The country manager for Google, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor has waded into the challenges with the ease of doing business in Nigeria. Google has laid fibre optic cables in Uganda’s capital Kampala and in Abidjan in Ivory Coast but has no similar plans in Nigeria.

These are their reasons;

  • The government should simplify taxes and reduce fees involved in laying fibre optic cables
  • Multiple taxes at the federal and state level raised the cost of expanding the required infrastructure.
  • Government can help is just removing some of those obstacles – for example, bringing down right of way fees and removing this challenge around multiple taxation
  • For example, the Lagos State Government helped bring fast fast broadband to Yaba (aka Yabacon Valley) after it helped cut fees.

The Federal Government wants to create 2.5 million new technology jobs in 2017-2020.



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