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Pension fund multi fund structure performance

There is no doubt that the multi fund structure has begun with the right foot forward.

RSA and retiree pension fund ranking for August 2018

Among the RSA funds the highest positive return for the month was recoded by Veritas Glanvills RSA Pension.

‘Best and worst’ performing mutual funds in August

The selection is based on analysis conducted by Quantitative Financial Analytics.
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These are the fastest growing Mutual Funds in Nigeria in Q2 2018

Earlier in the year, mutual fund assets crossed the half trillion Naira mark.

Mutual Fund Prospectus explained – Part 2

A load is the fees investors pay for purchasing or selling mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Prospectus explained – Part 1

a mutual fund prospectus is an investor’s owner’s manual for a mutual fund.

How to Know If It’s A Ponzi Scheme

If it is too good to be true then it really isn't true!
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Best Performing Mutual Funds in Nigeria, Q2 2018

2018 has so far proven that past performance does not guarantee or is not a guarantee for future performance. This has especially been so...
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In major shift, Mutual Funds dump Nigerian Stock Market for Money Market Funds

Nigerian mutual fund investors’ love for high yield and their fear of the unknown seem to have conspired against equity-based funds. This conspiracy has...

Vetiva’s DV Balanced Fund returns 6.19% for fiscal year

DV Balanced fund allocated 32.38% of its assets to Equities, 41.72% to money market securities, 25.73% to fixed income and 0.53% to cash as at June ending.

ALERT: List of PFA’s with up to date reports as at July 2018

Just few days after we reported that only two pension fund administrators were up to date.
BUA Cement

Dangote Cement makes over N1 billion pension contribution for its employees

The Nigerian pension fund industry has been growing since the enactment of the pensions act of 2004.

NLPC and Sigma Pension Fund Administrators Take the Lead in Reporting and Transparency

NLPC Pension Fund Administrators Limited is being credited for taking the lead.
PENCOM, Pension Funds

More young Nigerian enroll for pension as Pension Asset Value tops N8.1tr

Data released from Fund Assets and Registration report indicates that additional 55,038 members enrolled.

United Capital Eurobond Fund is ‘the best this year’ so far

The United Capital Nigerian Eurobond Fund returned 0.5%.

Pay attention to this when you want to choose the right Mutual Fund

All mutual fund investment companies are required to register in Nigeria.
Lotus Capital

Lotus Halal Investment Fund posts a 4.49% return

Lotus Halal Investment fund posted a YTD return of 4.49% in June.
PENCOM, Pension Funds

Premium Pensions RSA Fund tops Nigerian RSA funds with 7.55% return

Premium Pensions RSA fund led the performance ranking of Nigeria’s RSA Pension funds.
Multi Fund Structure

How to know what your fund manager is investing your money in.

mutual funds are pooled investment vehicles that collect money from various investors and invest.

Afrinvest Plutus Fund propels Afrinvest Asset Management a notch higher in list of top...

This achievement is coming after the fund manager added yet another fund, Afrinvest Plutus Fund, to its fund management portfolio.

Mutual funds record positive but unimpressive performance in Q2

2018 is not shaping up to be a good year for mutual fund investors, analysis from QFA has revealed.
Multi Fund Structure

Pension multi fund structure explained

PenCom is getting ready to start implementing the RSA Multi Fund structure from July 1st, 2018.
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How to choose between investing in bond funds, money market funds or savings bonds

You would not want to choose the unknown, which will be akin to shooting in the dark.
Lotus Capital

Lotus Capital’s N1.49 billion fixed income fund gets NSE nod

The NSE has given Lotus Capital Halal Investments Limited clearance to list its 1,486,877 units of Fixed Income Fund at N1,000 each on the memorandum board of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)

Why these foreign investors think the Naira will remain stable

Analysts at Franklin Templeton Investments and BlackRock Inc are of the opinion that the Central Bank of Nigeria will be able to keep Naira stable.
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Nigeria’s Mutual Funds AUM crosses N600 Billion

The Nigerian mutual fund industry added an estimated N40 billion in the month of May to push its AUM above N600 billion for the first time in the history of the industry. May was not particularly a good month for the industry.
Oscar Onyema

NSE is committed to mobilising savings for domestic and regional investment

The Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Oscar Onyema, has spoken of his organisation's determination to continuously work towards ensuring sustainable...

THE WEEK AHEAD: Dividends, marked downs, results

This is a recap of stocks that were marked down the previous week, and an outlook on stocks to be marked down this week. The...
Nigerian Stock Exchange

These stocks made money for investors last week (WTD June 8)

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) All Share Index closed on a positive note this week, up 5.03%. The index is also back in positive...

These funds never lost money in the past 5 years

Warren Buffet has been known to be one of the greatest investors ever. His prowess in stock picking and value investing earned him the...