Nairametrics| The National Bureau of Statistics publishes data on Nigeria’s Foreign Trade. The data is published on a quarterly basis and details the value of goods imported into Nigeria as well as those exported outside Nigeria.

This table outlines the top agricultural products exported out of Nigeria for the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Major Traded Agriculture Products (Exports) – 2016 Q3 Value (N)
Frozen shrimps and prawns 5958136134.48
Sesame seeds 4824531092.68
Cashew nuts, in shell 2145191365.41
Flour and meals of Soya bean 1172491220.35
Ginger 290933812.34
Cashew nuts, shelled 256422890.95
Other milk and cream powder 240614463.91
Gum Arabic 167953090.46
Other cut flowers & flower buds of kind suitable ornamental purposes fresh, dried, dyed 160834528.41
Other lentils and broad beans, dried, shelled, whether skinned or split 118882745.05
Other milk and cream in packs < 25kg not cont. added sugar/other sweetening matter 118701508.35
Soya beans, whether broken. 79522369.97
SHEA CAKE 70395535.36

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