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2023: How I will fix Electric Power and Nigerian ports – Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the  Presidential Candidate for the Labour Party stated that he will unbundle transmission lines under a guideline that enables what is produced to be distributed accordingly, adding that if elected Nigeria would declare a state of emergency in its power-producing sector to achieve at least 20,000MW in 4 years.

Obi revealed this alongside his running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed at the Channels Television’s Townhall series.

He also hinted that Nigeria is underutilizing its geographic sea port potential, urging that he will work with the private sector to build and manage ports for economic diversification.

Power production: Obi hinted that his administration has no other option but to make it work, urging Nigeria to learn from the examples in South Africa and Egypt.

He added if South Africa generating nearly 50,000MW can declare such a power emergency, he will declare war on Nigerian Power generation.

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Lessons from Egypt: The Labour Party candidate also hinted that Egypt recently repositioned its power sector and a few years went from 20,000MW to 50,000MW in production capacity.

Datti Baba-Ahmed, his Vice candidate added that Nigerians must also be willing to cooperate with the FG in fixing power, citing that a new era of pricing is also needed. He said:

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Improved Port infrastructure: Obi noted that 20 years ago the biggest port in terms of operations was Singapore, which today is in 4th or 5th position ( replaced by 3 ports in china), citing that it is a dynamic industry, he added that his administration will reduce waste and “ dismantle confusion” from the FG’s side.









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