1. This pension reform done by the previous administration of chief obasanjo was done by the govt to free the govt from it’s pension obligations,but the govt can do better.In Britain and usa all have a social security number,where in brtain,apart from income tax,you are deducted some from your income, lesser than your income taxee,which goes towards your unemployment benefit,when you’re unemployed,incapacity benefit,which is paid to you when you’re sick,if your employer cannot pay any income,because it’s not covered by your employment contract,as you get older is you not have a private pension cover the state will pay you some amount as state pension.
    In usa to push for mass and cheap/comfortable homes,they built houses project estate,In England most lga owns homes,built for low-income people and rent are subsidized,most of those local govt homes were built after the 2nd world war,aimed to clear all slums or reconstruct the nation after the war.in usa,they created 2 fed agencies,which funds local govt areas,with specific instruction and rules, to fund and regenerate depressed area,and in recent report they have funded more than 12 trillion us dollar so far,through guarantee money,but some us investment bank hijacked this fund in pooling those funds to make profit.
    To balances the economy,in some way.it’s possible for govt to allocate some fund,through the discretionary powers of the pension regulators,to home builiding companies or those in REIT called real estate investment trust,who pools fund together and invests in real estate,so it’s possible for fed govt give more powers to the federal mortgage bank of Nigeria,gives funds directly to home building companies and real estate investment trust or those private investor who have the capacity and abilities to built homes across Nigeriai.e for govt to gets their money back,which I think will move the economy faster and faster.the vice-president have said that was a plan for the govt to allocate funds to FMBN.which I think they said 10 billion naira.i do not think,it will be enough.i think Nigeria need about 10 trillion naira to about 20 trillion,to meets it’s demand

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