Track Your Money: These Companies Will Pay Dividends This October

The following companies scheduled their dividend payment day for this October. All those who own the shares before the day announced for the closure of the register will qualify for payments.

Compan​​​yDividendBonusClosureAGM datePayment Date     
​ConoilN4.00​​Nil1st – 5th September 2014​30th September 201413th October 2014
​PZ Cussons​​61 kobo​Nil​22nd - 26th​ September 2014​​9th October 2014​13th October 2014
​Roads Nigeria​60 kobo1 for 4​​19th – 25th September​​​25th September, 2014​​6th October 2014
Triple Gee2 koboNil25th September 201422nd – 24th Sept 201410th October 2014

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