On this week’s Everyday MoneyMatters on Lagos Talks 91.3, the Nairametrics duo of Ugo “ugodre” Obi-chukwu and Tunji Andrews discussed two important topics.

  1. Julius (not real name) says he just newly got married and wants to know if he should change his next of kin from his mum to his wife. His best friend believes it should be his mum and that he should only change it once he has kids because you just can’t trust women. Julius is an only child and was raised solely by his mum. He feels a bit of guilt not making her his next of kin and will like to know what the house advice’s?
  2. Abigail says she has been married for two years now and has a child. She and her husband are both working class and have been working for 5 years each. Recently their fortune has turned around as her husband is now doing very well. He recently bought two cars for himself and the wife both costing a combined N15 million. He has also just made a down payment of about N15m for a house worth N30m. He plans to pay off in less than 6 weeks and take possession. Going by their combined salary, they can’t afford these expenses. However, her husband says he has been cutting deals in the bank where he works so he reckons he invests the money on buying a house and securing their future. Abigail has a guilt trip. She feels her husband is doing something really wrong and risky and could get caught. But if she tells him he might get angry and alienate her completely. She is confused and wants to know of she should go ahead and tell him to stop or of she should just ride or die with him.

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