On this episode of Everyday Money Matters, the Nairametrics duo of Ugo Obi-chukwu (UgoDre) and Tunji Andrews discussed three situations in the lives of some of Nigerians who decided to share with them with us. We discussed, moving to your wife’s parents house if you can’t afford rent, giving your wife money to start a business after several failures, and dealing with partners who don’t turn up.

These were the issues discussed in detail.

First Issue

Osas says his wife wants him to fund a new business idea she has. She says she wants to go into fashion designing and needs about N3 million to start. He has the money but he is skeptical to give her as he had invested millions in other businesses of hers that failed. He doesn’t want to lose any more money anymore and thus thinks she should get a job so she can acquire some experience before starting a business again.

Second Issue

Ese and her husband are in Financial stress. Her husband lost his job and her income can barely feed the family of four. Their rent is due and therefore face a quit notice as they do not have money to pay. She is proposing that they move to her parents house for a while till he stabilizes. He will not agree as he feels he is a man and should find solutions himself. The reality however is that there are no solutions yet and they are weeks away of getting thrown out on the streest if they cannot pay their rent.

Third Issue

Ifeayin says he has a small consulting business with a partner that has been doing quite well. However, he does all the work himself and gets most of the jobs. His partners (two of them) haven’t contributed much lately. He believes he can do without his partners and go solo. His instincts tell him to go solo but he feels they may see him as a traitor.

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