On this episode of SME half hour, we were excited to have Adekunle Adebiyi as a guest. Adekunle or 3A has he is popular called, is the Vice President of MBO Capital Management (MCM), a private equity firm in Lagos that invests exclusively in SMEs.
He responded to a wide range of questions that we are sure most SME’s will be interested in knowing.

We listed the questions below as a guide as you listen to the podcast. As usual, Tunji Andrews was the host along with Dan Foster and Bukola.

Scroll down to listen to the podcast or download it on your mobile phone or device.

  1. Could you give us a brief introduction of yourself and your career prior to private equity
  2. What is private equity ? How is it different from venture capital, shares or debt financing ?
  3. What are the advantages of private equity investments over other forms of finance ?
  4. Why do small businesses find it difficult to raise funds in Nigeria, particularly via private equity?
  5. What do private equity funds look for when investing in a business ?
  6. A common fear with many SME owners regarding private equity is a loss of control ? How do you assure them that they wont lose control of their business ?
  7. Technology and agriculture are the new growth areas in the Nigerian economy, what are your view about these two sectors from a private sector perspective?
  8. Have current foreign exchange challenges made it difficult for you to invest in Nigerian businesses ? Especially those involved in manufacturing ?
  9. Why do private equity firms exit firms when they are doing well ?
  10. What are the common problems sme owners face in running their businesses, and how can they solve them ?
  11. What advice would give to entrepreneurs just starting a business ?

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