Bankole Oluwafemi, the co-founder and Editor of Techcabal was our guest on MTN Biz Half Hour hosted by Tunji Andrews and Nairametrics founder Ugodre on Classic FM 97.3.

On the show,┬áBankole discussed the interesting world of Nigerian Startups, Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Nigeria and what it takes to succeed as a Startup in Nigeria. He also listed some of the challenges of the tech driven Startup and how successful Startups have been able to cope with the copycat syndrome as well as increased competition.

He also provided us with a unique insight into what it really feels like to work in Nigeria’s “Yabacon Valley”.

And yes, that’s not all! You will also get to know which Startups Bankole is excited about and why they could be Nigeria’s own Facebook or Uber.

This was one of our favorite interviews yet and is a must listen for anyone following Nigeria’s Startups.

Scroll down to stream!


  1. Hollywood;Nollywood.Now Silicon Valley;Yabacon Valley.When need to find a unique name to brand our technology hub.We can draw inspiration from our own unique ecosystem.

  2. Thank you,I hope this will be the last time I will hear the word yabacon.It is irritating we need to major substance and innovation .

  3. Thank you for above comments ,I hope this will the last time I will hear the phrase Yabacon Valley.We need to major on substance,depth and innovation not just superficial hype.
    Branding our technology hub after a name derived from America can create a subconscious inclination to pattern our business and innovative models after them.
    This may not necessarily benefit our society.

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