On this episode of Everyday Money Matters Podcast, we discussed two situations in the lives of some of Nigerians who have decided to share with the EMM crew of Sadiq, Tunji Andrews and Ugo Obi-chukwu.

These two issues

  1. Wale (not his real name) says his wife just got a new job that will see her earn more than him. He is uncomfortable about the situation and will rather tell his wife to reject the job. He also thinks the job will be very challenging and may negatively affect their family life. He wants to know what the money men thinks.
  2. Mr and Mrs Johnson are a middle class family. Their combined salary is about N1 million per month after tax and deductions. They have two kids who are 4 and 6 respectively. Mr Johnson wants his kids to go to a better but more expensive school that will cost him and his wife N1million a term combined. His wife thinks it’s a bad idea and that they wait till they can earn more. He feels it’s now or never. He’ll like to know what the money men thinks about this situation

Have you got situations you want us to discuss? Send email to info@nairametrics.com. We promise to keep your identity anonymous if that’s your desire.

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