On this episode of EveryMoneyMatters, #EMM with Tunji Andrews and Ugo Obi-chukwu, the team once again responds to every day money issues faced by some of our listeners. The following questions were discussed;

  1. Fadeke said her husband is a very generous person but she thinks he is taking it too far. He is fond of lending money to his siblings and they never pay back. The last born from her husband’s family has recently approached him again for a loan to buy a car. Her husband is considering lending him money from their joint account of which includes her own contribution. She feels they are exploiting his generosity and wants to stop him from lending again. She wants to know what the money men thinks?

  2. Frank says he is thinking of resigning to go for his masters. “I earn about N10m per annum and I’m due for another promotion, next year.” he says. His family thinks he is better off with online university which means he keeps his job. However, the opportunity to network makes resigning and going abroad attractive. It will cost him $50k and will like to k ow what the money men think?

  3. Deji from Lagos says he is a business man who imports fast-moving items and sells wholesale to retailers. He wants to know what the money men think about the 2017 budget and what the implication could be for his business.

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