On this episode of Every Day Money Matters with Tunji Andrews and Ugodre, the duo responds to questions from some our listeners on pertinent money issues. Here is a run down of some of the questions they responded to.

Question 1:

My wife ways she recently got transferred to a new role at her bank. She will now be a marketer having worked in operations for some years.

I don’t feel comfortable with it and want her to resign. She says I don’t trust her enough. I do, but I know marketing has its risk. We need the money but I can’t compromise our marriage for money. What does the money men think?

Question 2

I just bought my second car off a colleague. The car had comprehensive insurance and is due for renewal. My brother says I should insure comprehensive but I think it’s a waste of money. The first car I had was insured fully for three years and I never enjoyed any claims. Is third-party insurance good enough?

Question 3

I am new to investing and have heard a lot about mutual funds. Can you explain a bit about how it works?

Question 4

I’m recently in the country and just happened to have listened to your show on radio. I’m thinking of building a house in Nigeria but I’m worried about sending money to siblings, since I will be absent most of the time. How do you suggest I go about building this house without losing all my money either to siblings or to contractors while still based abroad?

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