Nairametrics| The Central Bank of Nigeria has released its 1st quarter 2018 Treasury Bills Issuance Calendar. See below;

1st Quarter of 2018

Download (PDF, 27KB)


4th Quarter of 2017

3rd Quarter of 2017

Official Treasury Bills Calendar for the 3rd quarter of 2017

2nd Quarter of 2017

First Quarter of 2017


Nigerians interested in investing in Treasury Bills can mark these dates as that is when the next auctions will be occurring. Remember to buy Treasury Bills via your commercial banks.


  1. Are you saying I can still buy treasury bills even if I do not have up to #50,001,000 through the banks with the new CBN policy?

  2. Although I am waiting for the maturity to see what amount will be paid back to me. I invested 250k for a91day TBILL but got a credit alert of 435.47naira for upfront interest payment meanwhile the rate was at 13.50%as at Mar 17, 2017.

      • Are you sure you bought treasury bill? You may probably be running fixed deposit. Treasury bill has the following characteristic.
        – Interest is paid upfront (don’t yield interest)
        – Tender is between Monday to Wednesday, issue and payment on Thursdays 1:30pm
        – Zero tax on interest
        – Short time maturity
        – Use as collateral.
        If you fixed 250,000,000 at 9% for 91 tenor, your interest a day will be (N250,000* 9/100/365)
        = 61.64, for 91 days is N5609.59 but will be paid monthly amounting to N467.47 with a withholding tax of 10%. Your net interest is N 420.72.

  3. It is Treasury Bill . the alert you got is the balance on the roll over ( Principal +Interest) which is not up to N1000

  4. Please I have a question. If am.investing 10 million in TB and I want to invest both principle and interest . How will.this be calculated or will the interest be calculated separately or will be invested at the same time with the 10million

    • Assuming an interest rate of 16% you will get N80,000. That is, 16% multiplied by N2m multiplied by 91 all divided by 364.

  5. Is The treasury bill rate different bank by bank or its the same rate in all bank. I invested 2M and 21/9 and was given a rate of 13%.

  6. Whethwhat are the requirements for buying a treasury bill? I want buy 2millon naira bill if i can get it at 20% rate and a tenor of 91 days but just have current and savings accounts with some banks

  7. Can someone help confirm if GTbank was successful in the September 2017 and early October 2017 364-day T.bill offer by the CBN. I feel my account officer lied to me stating that the bank was unsuccessful in 3 consecutive bids

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